Rare has revealed to OXM that the Avatars we all love will soon see a makeover of sorts this November, timed along with the launch of Kinect of course. Nick Burton, senior programmer at Avatar Creators Rare, says that they’ll become more realistic and will essentially become ‘Avatar 2.0’.

Apparently the problem and reason for an upgrade, appears to be more of a perception issue among gamers and their current Avatars during game play using Kinect. The proportions are expected to become more realistic and less cartoony in their proportions after the upgrade. I can only imagine these new Avatars will also show up in all of the Avatar games and even the soon to be release Windows Phone 7 devices that will have Xbox Live on them.

Hopefully this will allow us to have a few more options where the younger gamers in our families are concerned as well. I have to admit in just looking at the current Avatars, they all seem to be around the same shape and sizes. My only question is will the current clothes they have be upgraded as well? Some of those outfits look a bit short in places as is and my Avatar might look funny wearing a pair of jeans that are even shorter after I gain a bit more height now.