Joe Danger: Special Edition is probably one of the best motorcycle games on XBLA aside from Trials HD and while we’re getting Trials Evolution in the spring, summer is looking like big movie month and Joe Danger: The Movie is premiering shortly after from Hello Games. In the first developer commentary, we see Joe on a snowmobile escaping from missiles being shot at him from a helicopter. You’ll have to land on certain areas to dodge missiles and the hop technique will be your ultimate friend here. In the second commentary after the jump, Joe is a policeman going after a robber but he has commandeered a kid’s bicycle since his license has been revoked. You’ll have to race through busy streets while throwing newspapers at the perp in order to catch him. Joe Danger: The Movie is looking like a crazy sequel that adds more to the already great formula with the same track creation and multiplayer from the original with new movie focused scenes. Look for Joe on the red carpet for its release in the summer.

BONUS: Check out this skiing video of Joe right here.

Source: IGN