Welcome to the Game of Thrones Season One review hub. Here we’ll collect our reviews for the individual episodes of the season as they are released.

Our review of the entire first season can be found here.

  • Episode 1: Iron from Ice — “whilst this episode shows a lot of promise for the rest of the season, it is generally uneventful in isolation”
  • Episode 2: The Lost Lords  — “features more action, more opportunity for intrigue and at least one twist which I certainly did not see coming”
  • Episode 3: The Sword in the Darkness“an unwelcome lack of focus drags this mid-season episode down, despite a number of enjoyable moments and a rapidly advancing timeline”
  • Episode 4: Sons of Winter — “the most action-packed, enjoyable and original episode yet gets the series back on track”
  • Episode 5: A Nest of Vipers“Telltale’s latest series shows signs of heading towards its conclusion, albeit with a few missteps along the way
  • Episode 6: The Ice Dragon “despite leaving the door open for a confirmed second season, The Ice Dragon is a well crafted and fitting season finale”

Game of Thrones, a Telltale Games Series, is a companion series which entwines itself with both the excellent HBO live action show and the original George R. R. Martin books by telling the tale of the barely mentioned Stark bannermen known as House Forrester. The first season begins at the Red Wedding, so Telltale expects players to have progressed at least to the end of Season 3 of the HBO show – for anyone new to the world of Game of Thrones, we strongly recommend that you get up to date before beginning your playthrough or you’ll really miss out.