It’s another busy Friday on Xbox One with four new games plus two new bundles hitting the store today. First up is survival, horror Narcosis from Honor Code. Players find themselves stranded on the seafloor, at the sunless depths of the Pacific. With low light and few tools, as an industrial diver, you must take desperate steps to surface before your dwindling oxygen, and sanity, give out. You can purchase Narcosis here for $19.99.

Next we have Demon’s Crystals, a frenetic twin stick shooter set in a once peaceful world not corrupted by three mysterious beings. Only you can guide the Urican demons through countless hazards in order to restore peace to the world. Players have access to a variety of weapons and power-ups to help you defeat the massive enemy hordes. You can pick up the game from Byte4Games and Badland Games here for a mere $4.99.

Also releasing today is Human Fall Flat, a quirky, open-ended physics-based puzzle and exploration game from No Brakes Games and Curve Digital. Set in floating dreamscapes, your goal is to escape these surreal dreams by solving puzzles with nothing but your wits and physics. The game is said to feature advanced physics and innovative controls that cater for a wide range of challenges. Pick it up for $14.99.

The final new release today is Elliot Quest, side-scrolling action-adventure platformer from PlayEveryWare priced at $14.99. Players must explore a vibrant open-world filled with hidden secrets and mysterious Guardians that can help cure Elliot’s curse of immortality. Throughout this adventure you’ll collect countless abilities and spells, quest through 5 dungeons and defeat 16 unique bosses along your way to unlocking multiple endings.

There are also two new indie game bundles to interest those wanting to save a few bucks on their game purchases. First is the Fast Paced Action Bundle from Eclipse Games which features dual stick shooter Tachyon Project, together with arcade racer Super Toy Cars. The bundle costs $11.99 giving you a saving of $7.99.

Today’s other bundle is from Curve Digital and includes Manual Samuel, The Little Acre and one of today’s new games Human Fall Flat. Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 5 is priced at $28.99 which gives you a saving of $8.98 if you were to buy all three separately.