Game releases took a break last week but we’re back to business now with two new indie games hitting the store this Friday. First up we have Serial Cleaner from iFun4All and Curve Digital, possibly the first janitorial game to hit the Xbox. Here players step into the polished shoes of The Cleaner, a professional crime scene cleaner for the mob as you sneak around crime scenes avoiding detection from the guarding cops, to vacuum up blood, hide bodies and remove evidence. Described as a 70’s styled, fast paced, 2D action/stealth game, you can pick up Serial Cleaner here for $14.99.

Today’s other release is DeadCore, first-person platformer from 5 Bits Games and Grip Digital. The game blends exploration, speedrunning, and puzzles, with every level having at least 2 main paths and several secret passages you have to find to optimize your time. Players are equipped with a SwitchGun, allowing you to activate or deactivate elements as you set off on a perilous journey full of traps, complex mechanisms, gaps to cross, and lethal foes. Pick it up here for $7.99.