This week’s patch notes are short and sweet. There is one new added item, a few vaulted weapons, two small updates to the playground mode and various gameplay changes. This is also a reminder that the Fortnitemares Halloween event is set to end on Sunday, November 4th, 2018. Be sure to finish any and all challenges before this time and earn yourself the plentiful rewards, including the amazing Dark Engine glider. Here are the highlights of patch v6.21 of Fortnite Battle Royale.


Today introduces the new balloons item to Battle Royale. Balloons come in a stack of 20, look like a paper bag, and when picked up take a slot in your inventory. They can be used to gain height, allowing players to fly high and unleash their glider to travel large distances in a short amount of time. Using balloons is simple. When the item is selected in your inventory, simply press the right trigger to fill a balloon. This will allow you to ascend. The more balloons being held, the higher you’ll go. Players can only hold a total of six balloons at a time. Whenever you want to go down, release a balloon by pressing the left trigger. After releasing all balloons you’ll be allowed to open your glider. Balloons are great for getting height quick but don’t make the best getaway item, as they turn you into an easy target. Balloons can be found anywhere loot can be found.

Playground Changes

From the port-a-challenge grenades that were introduced in v6.20 of Fortnite Battle Royale, today’s patch updates the names of the port-a-challenge grenades names as well as improved clarity of where to throw the item.

Vaulted Weapons and Items

Today we see quite a few different weapons being vaulted. Vaulted weapons are weapons that have been taken out of the game and are no longer available in the battle royale mode. These weapons will still be available in playground mode.

  • Semi-Auto Sniper
  • Guided Missile
  • Dual Pistols

Gameplay Changes

Weapons and Items
  • Using the grapple while presently the passenger of a vehicle will cause the velocity of the vehicle to be factored into the force of the grapple. This will only occur if the velocity would be a gain.
  • Explosive damage will now penetrate through structures and the environment by 25%.

Glider Redeploy – Patch v6.20 introduced a week-long test for the glider redeploy. This system allows players who are 10m or higher to redeploy their glider. The system was being tested in order to get player feedback. Originally this system was only allowed in the Soaring 50s and Disco Domination game modes. After careful consideration, Epic Games are leaving the glider redeploy system enabled during regular matches after much feedback.

  • Fiend Hunter Crossbow fire sounds intensified.
  • The volume of cube monsters and cube fragment spawners has been decreased.
  • Gliders are easier to hear while shooting weapons or harvesting materials.

A complete list of the changes, as well as those for the Save the World mode can be found here.

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