Today marks exactly one week until Halloween 2018. With that being said, it’s more than appropriate for Fortnite to celebrate festivities early by not only releasing a new patch but bringing players a new event as well. Welcome to Fortnitemares. So the big question is most likely, what is it? Well, the Fortnitemares event takes place in both Fortnite Battle Royale as well as Save the World. The two modes have their own unique story, but for the basic concept in Fortnite Battle Royale is that the island containing the cube has exploded, and the cube has released a bunch of monsters unto the world. There’s now more to worry about than just your enemies.

In regards to the latest patch, what can players expect? From an overview, we see the release of one new weapon which is somewhat relatable to a past weapon. Fortnite Battle Royale makes a huge change to a gameplay mechanic, as a test to see how players like or dislike the change. Playground sees the release of some new and interesting items. The social menu has had a complete makeover. Finally, we, of course, have several gameplay changes and bug fixes to help with the overall quality of life of the game. Here are the highlights of patch v6.20 of Fortnite Battle Royale.

Limited Time Event: Fortnitemares

In Fortnitemares, various cube fragments will spawn cube monsters. There are two types of fragments. The small cube fragments spawn randomly throughout a match, while large cube fragments can be found in the corrupted areas of the map.

Enemy type: Cube Fiend
  • Has a chance to drop loot when defeated.
  • Eliminating Basic Cube Fiend will reward +3 shield.
  • Eliminating Elite Cube Fiend will reward +5 shield.
Enemy type: Cube Brute
  • Has a chance to drop loot when defeated.
  • Eliminating Basic Cube Brute will reward +10 shield.
  • Eliminating Elite Cube Brute will reward +15 shield.
  • Eliminating Mega Cube Brute will reward +20 shield.
Limited Time Weapon: Fiend Hunter Crossbow

This new weapon exclusive only to Fortnitemares comes in only one rarity (Epic). The weapon does 40 base damage, can shot 1.8 shots per second, and does 4x the damage against fiends. The crossbow can hold seven arrows in a magazine and ammo is unlimited. The weapon can be found as floor loot, inside chests, and in vending machines.

Playground Additions

Players can now find new Port-A grenades inside vending machines at the southern area of Loot Lake (Now Leaky Lake). Appropriately labeled the Port-A-Challenge set, the various challenge grenades have varying difficulty.

Obstacle Course

A fun little crash course in collecting tokens, avoiding obstacles, and helping players with their building skills all in the same challenge.

Building Challenge

Similar to that of the radars found in Save the World, this challenge tasks you with building the structure as quickly as possible.

Firing Range

No, not the Call of Duty multiplayer map, unfortunately. The Firing Range tasks you with taking out as many target dummies as you can within an allotted time limit.

Spiky Stadium V2

Version 2 of the Spiky Stadium. What’s different this time around, it that players will respawn inside the stadium when they die.


This will spawn two large wood pirate ships into the world. It’s a minigame which splits players into two teams with the ultimate goal of destroying the other team’s ship.

Port-A-Pirateship Ironclad Edition

This will spawn two large metal pirate ships into the world. It’s a minigame which splits players into two teams with the ultimate goal of destroying the other team’s ship. The difference here is that Grenades and Rockets will be provided for the highest regard of destruction.

New Weapon: Six Shooter

If you were hoping the revolver would make a comeback, you’re in luck; well sort of. The Six Shooter is a new weapon being added to Fortnite Battle Royale as of today. The Six Shooter comes in uncommon, Rare and Epic variants. The uncommon does 34 base damage, with the other Rare doing 36, and the Epic dealing 38 base damage. Players can shoot from the hip for a faster fire rate, or consider sacrificing the rate of fire for more precision by aiming down the sight. The weapon uses medium ammo and can be found as floor loot, inside chests, and in vending machines.

Social Redesign

The social list found in-game has been completely overhauled. The new redesign is the first step of many to improve the social experience the game has to offer. Frequent updates and improves can be expected to improve the experience in the up and coming weeks. A few of the changes include:

  • The social list has new art, animations, and flow.
  • The social list button has been relocated to the top left corner of the screen and can be directly accessed from the controller (via the back button).
  • Controller support has been improved.
  • Party Finder has been removed. Any and all party finder functionality has been molded into the new social list. Any places that opened party finder now open the social list.

Gameplay Changes

Weapons and Items
  • The Rocket Launcher is now the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher. This change is visual only and does NOT affect the overall damage or accuracy.
  • Hand Cannon has had balance changes. The damage to structures has been increased. Epic variants now deal 150 damage to structures (from 79), and the Legendary variants deal 157 damage (from 83).
  • The minimum long-range body shot damage has been increased. Epic variants now do 50 damage (from 30), and Legendary variants do 52 damage (from 31).
  • The minimum long-range headshot damage has been increased. Epic variants now do 100 damage (from 60), and Legendary variants do 104 damage (from 62).
  • The Stink Bomb now has increased chances of finding it. Floor loot has been increased by .20%; meanwhile, the chance of getting one out of a chest has been increased by 1.71%.
  • Explosive weapons have had an increase and decrease in chance of spawning from chests. The Grenade Launcher has had a decrease in chance by .44%. Meanwhile, the Rocket Launcher has had an increase in chance by .29%.
  • Introducing Glider Redeploy functionality. Originally only available in Soaring 50s, this function grants the ability to reopen your glider when higher than 10m up, players can simply press their jump button to redeploy the glider. This feature is currently being tested and is not permanent at this time.
  • Weapons will now automatically reload in modes that keep the player’s inventory.
  • New storm changes have been introduced. The wait time for phase 3 has been reduced from 120 seconds down to 90. The wait time for phase 5 has been reduced from 70 seconds down to 50. New late game moving circles will move at the immediate time it reaches its current destination.
  • Players will now receive two damage per second when in a downed stated instead of two damage every two seconds. The maximum downed state time has been reduced from 100 seconds down to 50 if no ally attempts to revive you.
  • Unique sounds when cycling through the traps has been added.
  • The in-air audio for gliders that belong to teammates has been removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed the ability to rocket ride Quad Launcher rockets.
  • When a challenge bundle is delayed, it will now display as Coming Soon, as opposed to “Unlocking in 0 seconds”.
  • Chain quests in challenge bundles now show the current stage of the total number in the quest. (1/3, 2/4, etc.)
Art and Animation
  • Pets will no longer become stuck floating in the air after the player drives a vehicle off a jump.
  • Jump trick animation displays for the Quadcrasher have been fixed.
  • Changes in other players’ aim and view directions have been made smoother, both during a match in-game and during replays.

A full list of the patch notes, including those for the Save the World mode can be found here. It’s also worth mentioning that Save the World is presently 50% off until November 6th, 2018.

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