Smite Patch 4.7 brings a brand new god to Xbox One. Ganesha, the God of Success, is a guardian from the Hindu Pantheon. His passive allows the closest ally to get the kill credit instead of Ganesha. Turn of Fate is a line attack that hurts enemies and buffs allies damage outputs. Ohm is a cone ability that silences the afflicted enemy and gives allies physical protections. Remove Obstacles allows Ganesha to dash forward and root and enemy who will then be knocked up. Dharmic Pillars imprisons his enemies in a magical field. Enemies who pass through are slowed, damaged and receive decrease protections.

Patch 4.7 also brings new skins for Scylla, Nike, Uller, Janus and Mercury. With the Spring Split coming to a close and Summer Split beginning both Ranked and Season Ticket have received updates. There is a new Summer Split Pass Bundle for Season Ticket that includes Vampiric Scylla among other perks. All players in ranked queues will have a soft reset. There have also been some changes to the pick and ban process. As with each patch items and gods have been buffed and nerfed where needed. For full details of the console patch click here.


We will be streaming the new patch on Twitch from 6 PM EST to 9 PM EST tonight. Join us for some games.

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