Week four of Fortnite Battle Royale season six presents us the opportunity to kill some of the boredom that this season has brought by completing challenges. This week, there is one word that describes the challenges presented perfectly, and that word is tedious. Players will not be required to loot any chests, but there are quite a few challenges that do require players to head to various locations around the map and perform menial tasks for challenge completion. Without further ado, here are your week four challenges for season six.

Use a Port-a-Fort or Port-a-Fortress in different matches

At the present time, the Port-a-Fortress is disabled and unable to be found in normal matches. That being said the only way to gain progress on this challenge is to come across a Port-a-Fort. These are most commonly found in treasure chests, but can also be purchased from rare (blue) vending machines. Simply throw the Port-a-Fort down, and the challenge will add progression. Only one Port-a-Fort can be used per match for progression on the challenge, so it will require five or more matches to complete the challenge entirely.

Search an Ammo Box in different Named Locations

This is similar to the challenges for searching one chest at certain named locations, except this time you’ll need to go for ammo boxes. Ammo boxes are everywhere, and often, even if a house or building has been looted, the ammo boxes within haven’t been touched as many people tend to miss them, or just ignore them completely. For this challenge, you’ll need to head to seven different named locations and loot one ammo box from each area. Here is what exactly you’ll be looking for.

Ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside in different matches

This challenge can be annoying, but if you get the right kind of opponent, at the beginning of a match, you can both work to progress this challenge. It’s best to do this immediately when you land and at a populated location. Simply wait for an opponent to land on the roof and break into a house (or walk in the front door), then run up and ring the doorbell on the side of the front door and you’ll gain challenge progression. You’re only allowed to get one a match and need a total of three, so simply finish the match, and rinse and repeat for the completion. Here is a map of all the various doorbell locations.

Land at [Location Name]

Each stage of this challenge asks you to land somewhere differently. To add progress to this challenge, you MUST be on a glider when you arrive at the destination. Simply walking into the location will not add progress to your challenge. This doesn’t mean it has to be done at the beginning of the match (though that is the easiest way of completing it), but using a launch pad and flying in at a later time will still count. Finish the match, and the next stage will appear. The first location is Greasy Grove. Wailing Woods is the second. Dusty Divot will be your third destination. Pleasant Park will be the second to last area to visit. Finally, Paradise Palms is the last location required to be landed at before the challenge completes.

Dance on top of a Clock Tower

For the next three stages of challenges, it’s best to head to these locations from the immediate start, as the structures can be destroyed and you won’t be able to earn progress if they are. There is only one clock tower in the entire Fortnite map, and it is located in the southern part of Tilted Towers. Simply land on top of the tower and dance, and the challenge will count. Finish the match to unlock the next tier.

Dance on top of a Pink Tree

The second stage of this challenge wants you to head to a location with a pink tree, land on top of it and dance. This may just be a little more confusing. The only area on the map that holds a pink tree is found in Lucky Landing. The pink tree is the large one protruding out of the middle courtyard. Simply land on top of this tree and dance. This is the same tree that holds a chest inside of it. Finish the match and you’ll unlock the final tier.

Dance on top of a Giant Porcelain Throne

For the final stage in this series of challenges, you’re going to need to dance on a giant Porcelain Throne. If that isn’t enough of a hint already, you’re going to want to head down to Flush Factory. The giant toilet on the pole is where you’re going to want to land and dance to finish the challenge and earn your stars.

Get a score of 3 or more at different Shooting Galleries

Here is an interesting challenge. Players are required to head to five different Shooting Galleries located around the map and score 3 or more points on each one. What makes this challenge fun is that you also need to deal with any opposition that may interfere with your progress. First up, let’s identify what a shooting gallery looks like. A shooting gallery will have a scoreboard somewhere, with a sign that shows a person shooting a target. Near those two items, you’ll see a pressure plate that looks like a manhole cover with foot imprints. You’ll need to stand on the pressure plate and turn your camera to shoot various targets that pop up. The yellow number on the scoreboard tracks how many targets you presently have, while the white indicates the high score. Simply get three targets or more, and the challenge will progress.

Next, you’ll need to identify exactly where the targets are positioned. Here is a map of every Shooting Gallery location and helpful information for some locations.

East of Risky Reels – Starting plate is on a hill, targets are just under the hill in plain sight.

Eastern Wailing Woods – Starting Plate is near the area with the downed tree and the RV next to it. Targets surround the plate, and players must turn and shoot at various targets.

West of Dusty Divot Diner – Starting plate is in a field next to a downed truck. Targets spawn in the small set of trees to the southwest of the plate.

North of Pleasant Park – Starting plate is just north of Pleasant Park, targets are spread out around the plate.

West of the Desert Diner – Starting plate is in the desert area on top of the hill. This hill is just south of the corrupted area near Retail Row. Starting plate is on top of the hill. Targets appear all around the plate.

Eliminate opponents near any of the Corrupted Areas

There are a total of seven different corrupted areas on the Fortnite Battle Royale map. For this challenge, you simply need to eliminate three opponents in any corrupted area. The challenge is progressive, which means if you happen to eliminate two opponents and end up dying, the two eliminations are saved. You’ll want to land somewhere close to a corrupted zone such as a town to grab a weapon and shields before heading to the corrupted area. Here are the locations of all corrupted areas.

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