The 5.10 content update released today sees the comeback of the guided missile launcher into Fortnite among a few other things. As previously stated in the Fortnite developer updatethe guided missile launcher had a number of various changes done since it’s time away from the game when it was vaulted back in April. Now the weapon has once again reappeared this time with both reduced damage and radius, reduced overall travel speed, turning and now the limit of only 13 rockets. The weapon is now more for scouting and less for taking out your enemies from a significant range.

Guided Missle Launcher Changes

From the outside, some of the changes to the guided missile launcher seem very big. That said, looks can be deceiving, and it really boils down to how the weapon performs in-game. The guided missile launcher comes in both legendary and epic variants. The fuse of the rocket has been decreased from 18 seconds to down to 15. Reload speed with the weapon has been decreased from 2.4 seconds to 2.2 seconds. One of the bigger changes is how much damage the rocket does to structures. Originally 1100 damage, the guided missile launcher now does 400. Player damage takes a significant drop as well. The legendary guided missile launcher originally dealt 105 damage, while the epic did 110 damage. Legendary versions now do 74 damage while epics will do 77 damage. Explosions will now damage structures with no regard for the line of sight. Finally, the movement speed has been slightly reduced. It will be interesting to see how much the guided missile launcher has changed up to this point.

Fly Explosives (Limited Time Mode)

Available now, the fly explosives LTM has made its way into Fortnite: Battle Royale. Arm yourself with a jetpack, fly high above your enemies and reign hellfire from above in this explosives only game mode. Floor loot occasionally has jetpacks. For the most part, players will find nothing but explosives. A few differences occur from the original battle royale modes. First, jetpacks have an increased fuel regeneration rate and a decreased burn rate, which means operators will be able to stay in the air longer. The wait times between storms have been reduced considering players need less time to find adequate loot. Rocket ammunition is interestingly capped out at 120 rockets. Finally, stats in terms of wins and Kill/death ratio are counted in this mode.

Playground Changes + Additions:

With the release of the guided missile launcher into the game today, the weapon has also been added to playground mode. The jetpack is also making its way into the playground, however only for the duration of the fly explosives limited time mode. Aside from that, a bug that revolved around player nameplates showing while on the opposite team has been fixed.

Overall bug fixes

Lastly today, the slurp juice which recently had an increase in effectiveness in the v5.10 patch has made its return back into loot drops. The consumable was recently taken out of the game due to an animation glitch that allowed players to switch to another weapon just before they finished consumption of the item, which would cause them to receive the healing effect of the slurp, but not remove it out of their inventory. This would then allow players to survive in an end-game storm that would normally eliminate them.