With Windows 10 officially released for everybody, you can now play all of your Xbox One games anywhere in your home on your Windows 10-equipped laptop or tablet. But the fact that every game technically works in Windows 10 remote play doesn’t mean that every game will be a great experience. Playing remotely is a lot different to sitting in front of a big screen with the speakers up, lights dimmed and the door shut. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. These are the best games for remote play that you can enjoy right now.

Ori 1

Ori and the Blind Forest

Perfect for: Winding down at night

If streaming to a Windows 10 device is anything like streaming a PS4 to a Vita — and it probably is — chances are good you’ll be dealing with a tad of input lag. This lag can make twin-stick shooters a struggle for those twitch-moments in competition. However, you’ll be perfectly fine with a platformer, and Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the best on the console thanks its fluid movement, lush visuals and compelling story. Instead of finishing your night with angry Facebookers or depressing news stories, play a few minutes of Ori and you’ll have something to smile about.

Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands

Perfect for: When the TV is taken

We all know the Telltale games are gripping adventures, and Tales from the Borderlands is one of them. But you really can’t go wrong with any Telltale series. Like Ori, you won’t need to worry about input lag with a game like this, even with the quick time events, because it won’t noticeably impact your gameplay. Grab some nice headphones and you can privately immerse yourself in the adventure with all of its moral tension and quick-make-a-decision moments. Meanwhile, the other members of your household can enjoy their sitcoms and sports. As Mr. Torgue would say, “BOOOOOORING!”

Child of Light Sun Palace Entrance Hall

Child of Light

Perfect for: When you might get interrupted

Sometimes when you’re playing remotely, people don’t quite realize that you are playing a game, and that a game requires your complete focus. If you suspect that you will be interrupted at some point, it’s important to play a game that can be put down at the drop of a hat without the bad guys going full hack at your AFK avatar. Child of Light provides the best of a beautiful role-playing experience that will wait for you to move next before you are completely overrun.


State of Decay: Year One Edition

Perfect for: Playing with no sound

Sometimes, you’ll feel the urge to play a game, but it’s not a good time to fill the house with the anguished screams of your victims, particularly when it involves machetes, firearms or explosives. You’ll need a game that you can chip away at silently. State of Decay: Year One Edition is a huge game that always gives you something to do, but the audio isn’t overly critical to the simulated apocalypse. If your headphones are just too far or if you need to keep your ears open, you’ll still have a good time without the noises. Just make sure you’re going home or switching characters often so it saves.


Steamworld Dig

Perfect for: Casual TV watching

Steamworld Dig is about one thing: going down. As you dig your way into the secrets underground, you’ll start to feel a rhythm and routine of plotting your approach, digging through, picking up treasure and repeating. Once you figure out the concept, you’ll find that Steamworld Dig is an interesting, relaxing game that offers a continuous sense of progress without being too tense or difficult. This is perfect for keeping your hands busy while you casually watch a TV show or listen to a podcast in the background, and it’s another one that really doesn’t need sound for you to enjoy it.