Super Time Force

You may have heard about Super Time Force. Something about how it’s a retro-looking side-scroller game with arcade-y Contra-type action, but with some time-traveling twist. They say that when you die, you can reverse the clock and jump in as a different hero throughout the same moments while your previous run continues exactly how you played it out. These re-runs can stack up to having several heroes carrying out their recorded destruction in tandem.

Confused? That’s okay, because you now can finally see it in action. This new gameplay trailer from Capy Games demonstrates exactly how the time travel smashes a classic formula into a mind-twisting puzzle. It also shows off the different heroes, their weapons, and how you will pause time to cycle to new heroes and zip through the level with as many extra seconds as possible. You can even use the time travel to save your life by intervening where you died. What are you waiting for?

For more on Super Time Force, learn about how the developers avoided temporal paradoxes that would break the game. We also have a full preview from last year’s PAX Prime. Since then, Capy has added the ability to pause and rewind time whenever you want to engineer the most efficient progress possible for extra seconds on the clock.