According to some inside sources Microsoft already has working developer kits for the next Xbox system. According to this same source EA already has these consoles on there desks ready to create the next generation of games.

Now to the untrained eye it would seem to most that the new consoles are nothing more then new PC’s for the office. As many of us know already though this is how they ship the new consoles so companies can get a jump on developing games. Lots of people seem to forget that this is how the last new console was shipped as well. When Microsoft originally sent out developer kits for the 360 they were nothing more then dual core G5 PowerPC Macs with an ATI X800 GPU, which is as we all know not what came in our little white box once it went retail.

According to Microsoft has plans of announcing this new console at E3 and will be launching it around the end of 2012. We all know how the rumor mill works though things rarely stick to the wall when they are thrown. With that said just after this story broke the folks over at Eurogamer have had there own inside source completely deny the reveal of this new console at E3, so don’t hold your breath.


Kotaku contacted EA spokesman Jeff Brown for comment, to which Brown stated “This story is a total fabrication – 100 percent not true”. Works for us. Buying new consoles so often gets expensive.

Source: Develop-online, Eurogamer, Kotaku