Challenge – Wizardry

Recommended group – One Level 70 Squire/Monk, Two Level 70 Huntresses

Reward for completing on Insane – Squire – The Heretic

Defense Units – 85

This challenge will stress your ability to work as a team. The goal is to find the two mortal Wizards amongst the crowd of immortal Wizards and their summoned skeletons. Once the two have been found and killed the next two become mortal.To begin with block off each exit from their spawns, emplacements won’t hurt the Wizards but it will keep them from marching forwards and it will kill their summoned skeletons.

Bouncer Blockades, Slice N Dice, Spike Blockades, Harpoon Turrets and Ensnare Auras are to be used for this. Each person will need fairly high DPS, around 10,000 to be effective.

One person must be in the bottom left, another will need to be dashing between the top left and the middle spawns. The last will need to concentrating on the right side. Each one of you will need to be repairing everything constantly. This will go by much quicker if each person is yelling out(through voice chat or in-game) every time they kill a Wizard, as this will let the others know to start testing their Wizards again.

This Challenge is the definition of trial and error, the main thing to remember is just to weather the storm and repair everything as quickly as possible. The numbers will start to dwindle and it will really start to pick up.