Challenge – Chicken

Recommended group – One Level 70 Squire, One Level 70 Monk, Two Level 70 Huntresses.

Reward for completing on Insane – Apprentice – Chanticleer’s Chandlier

Defense Units – 100

This challenge is pretty fun and not really difficult, it will have you and your team scrambling to get into place. The basic strategy for this is to keep the enemies as far away from the chicken as possible. For the large part you can but the challenge in this will come from Dark Elf Warriors and keep everything repaired.

Your team will face A LOT of enemies in this challenge but it isn’t as crazy as some of the other challenges. At all times each player should be on the look out for the message that they are about to become the chicken and if they receive it they should run straight to the hiding spot.

The hiding spot is just below the bottom crystal on a ledge. This is the most secluded spot on the level and will keep nearly all enemies far away from the chicken. The main dangers will come from Wyverns that get through and Dark Elf Warriors lunging in.

For the people who aren’t currently the chicken they should take one of three spots; the top side, the left side or the right side. It will be up to them to keep everything repaired and to kill as much as they can. Being a Monk on this challenge is very helpful as he can concentrate on killing yet still use his Tower Boost Ability to heal emplacements.