Challenge – Monsterfest

Recommended group – One Level 70 Squire, One Level 70 Huntress.

Reward for completing on Insane – Monk – Magina’s Last Glaive

Defense Units – 165

If you attempt this unprepared this challenge is very difficult, but if you approach this the right way this very doable. We do not recommend you try this with more than two people because the increase in enemy count is very much so over the top, not to mention reduced respawns.

Not only is there quite a lot of enemies, as the waves progress you will face increasing more powerful enemies which do MUCH more damage than normal, move incredibly fast and have up to five times more health normal. For instance the Ogres on the last wave with two players move as fast as a sprinting Kobald and have over a million health.

The set up you will need to use is very specific so we recommend you have these items before attempting this. The Huntress will need a Genie pet with at least 200 mana regeneration per hit. She will need to remain invisible the entire time, or at least most of the time to be successful. Her role will be to pick off as many enemies as she possibly can whilst remaining away from the battle.

As such she will need a fairly high DPS weapon, we recommend at least 30,000 DPS. The only enemies which can see through a Huntresses invisibility are Dark Elf Warriors, they are also the most damaging enemies next to Ogres and Bosses. As such her attention should always turn to any Dark Elf Warriors she spots. There is fortunately a spot where she can sit and still see the bulk of enemies yet will be in cover away from most Dark Elf Warriors. This is located near the center of the map between a wall and a pillar.

The Squire must have at least 5,500 health and have his skill points almost solely invested in Hero stats and Blood Rage. He will also need a fairly powerful Fairy pet to use, as this is the key to him being able to tank massive amounts of damage. His weapon really can’t be substituted for anything other than decent ‘The Heretic’ from Wizardry either, it has the highest base damage possible for a sword. His job will be to follow a path leading from the middle platform to the bottom left side and back, this will mean that nearly all enemies that he doesn’t kill will run past the Huntress at some point. He should divert his attention to any Ogres that appear and use his Blood Rage ability as much as he can.

Having any towers is completely optional how ever if you do, try and place them on the middle platform as this is the most trafficked place by enemies, they will be destroyed fairly frequently and as the between wave time is only 15 seconds towers aren’t really high on the agenda to place. You should certainly not risk lives by placing them mid wave. By any measure Proximity Traps, Inferno Traps and Slice N Dice Blockades would most likely be your best bet.