The third part of Dungeon DefendersThe Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards was last week released on XBLA. Part III: Aquanos, is set in the submerged ruins of Aquanos, a fallen metropolis deep underwater. For 320 MSP, as well as the new campaign, players gain the “Riddle of the Deep” Challenge Mission, “Shipwreck Graveyard” PvP Battle ground, and 10 new water themed weapons. Defenders will also face new enemies the Sharken, Fish Wyvern and the Kraken. Complete the DLC to find the yellow shard and get one step closer to rescuing your parents!

A new pet Seahorse is also included in the DLC, however XBLA gamers will not get to play fetch with their new friend just yet, but he is promised to arrive with the next console patch. If you’ve not yet tried Dungeon Defenders then check out our review, and if you have? Well best head straight to the guide.