The new Xbox One was unveiled earlier this week but there’s still plenty happening on good ole XBLA. A mix of old and new XBLA favorites are on sale this week, check out this week’s Deal of the Week offerings below:

Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury 400 MSP (50% off)
Jeremy McGrath 400 MSP (50% off)
Karateka 400 MSP (50% off)
Mad Tracks 400 MSP (50% off)
Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond 400 MSP (50% off)
Pid 400 MSP (50% off)
Puzzle Quest 2 400 MSP (50% off)
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords 400 MSP (50% off)
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix 600 MSP (50% off)
RocketBowl 200 MSP (50% off)
Texas Cheat’em 400 MSP (50% off)

As always the Deal of the Week sale is for those with a Gold Membership only. Two more games are also on sale this week but these offers are available to all members. Firstly the Kinect controlled Mini Ninjas Adventures is down to 320 MSP this week and finally Alan Wake’s: American Nightmare can be picked up for the low, low price of 320 MSP,