Deadliest Warrior Legends released this Wednesday, and while we don’t have an official review up on the site yet, we can say it is much better than the original. The entire game feels more fluid. One of the best parts to the Deadliest Warrior games is the unique weapons. Deadliest Warrior Legends pushes this to a whole new level.

Upon killing 25 enemies during a slice mode challenge (you need to have beaten arcade mode with each character to even have this option), players will be rewarded with an extra special set of weapons for each character. These range from a flute to a fish with a half dozen other random ones in between. We have the full list below:

Alexander the Great:

  • Umbrella/Parisol (Short): Alexander always prepared for any situation, and he never traveled without an umbrella to shield him from the sun and rain. He adapted spear and sword techniques to make his umbrella a deadly weapon.

Attila the Hun:

  • Fishing Rod (mid): Attila enjoyed fishing, but his duties as general kept him too busy. He did find time to practice his casting, and perfected whipping the tip of his fishing pole much to the dismay of his enemies.

Genghis Khan:

  • Carp (short): As a child Genghis caught a fish, which his half-brother stole. Genghis killed his half-brother, so as punishment the clan elders made him carry a carp, thinking he couldn’t do any harm with it.


  • Wooden Spoon (short): Hannibal’s mother was very strict and served her discipline with a wooden spoon. It not only hurt her boys, but shamed them as well. Hannibal uses the spoon on his enemies to honor her.

Hernan Cortes:

  • Grim Reaper’s Scythe: The Aztec heat went to Cortes’ head. He believed the ears of corn were made of gold, and used the Grim Reaper’s own scythe to cut them down. He frequently mistook enemies for cornstalks.

Shaka Zulu:

  • Tribal Flute (short): Shaka once boasted that he could beat any man in a one-on-one fight, using any weapon. Someone joked that he should use an elder’s flute. Shaka liked the challenge and began using the flute in war.

Sun Tzu:

  • Hand Fan (short): Sun was always complaining of how hot it was in summer, and began carrying a fan. He thought it might be useful to have a weapon on him at all times, so he learned to fight using the fan he carried.

Vlad the Impaler:

  • Farmer’s Pitch Fork (mid): One of Vlad’s favorite early experiments in impaling was to use the farmer’s pitch fork. It was painful and effective, but didn’t hang a body as high as he liked, so he switched to wood poles.

William Wallace:

  • Shovel (mid): Wallace’s world was inhabited by farmers, mud and English soldiers. When he was without a weapon, and needed one quickly, he was known to grab a shovel and wield it like a broad-headed spear.

Joan of Arc:

  • Witch’s Broom (mid)

To get all the details on these characters, check out our Deadliest Warrior: Legends Warrior Guide.

Thanks to @DntMessWitRohan for help with this article.