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Deadliest Warrior: Legends Quick Facts:

  • Hannibal was the commander of the Carthaginian army, a neighbor of the expanding Roman Empire.  He most famously led war elephants over the Alps into northern Italy to oppose Rome.
  • Hannibal’s father lost Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica to Rome during the First Punic War. At age 9 Hannibal was made to swear an oath that he would forever hate Rome and seek revenge for the defeat.
  • At Trebia, Hannibal’s elephants scared off Rome’s allies. The legions forded the near frozen river, and found Hannibal’s brother at their rear while Hannibal’s army stayed warm by their fires.
  • At Lake Trasimene Hannibal made his camp look open, and hid his troops on either side of the only road in. The Roman commander led a disorganized charge and Hannibal’s army cut the legions to pieces.
  • After the alps crossing Hannibal’s army was only 23000 infantry and 17 elephants (of 37 at the start of the crossing). At Canae, he lured the Roman army into a trap and defeated their army of 80000.
  • Hannibal’s only defeat occurred at Zama, about 5 miles from Carthage. Scared elephants, veterans refusing to fight and a Roman general who declined to negotiate all contributed to Hannibal’s downfall.



Short Range:

Falcata and Shield: The falcata had a single edge that bulged about 1/3 the distance from the tip. It is most often seen with a closed pommel that has a sharp curve. The shield covered most of the body and curved inward.

Unlockable Weapon: Celtic Longsword: The Celtic long sword was a double edged blade with parallel sides that tapered to a point just inches from the tip. Developed from a stabbing sword, the added length improved slashing.

Mid Range:

Sarissa and Shield: The sarissa was the infantry long spear of choice. Its longer range allowed more rows of infantry to engage in the fight. Here it is coupled with a shield.

Unlockable Weapon: Dory and Shield: Slightly taller than a man, the dory was an effective thrusting spear. It had a point at each end so it was usable even if one end was broken off. Here it is coupled with a shield.

Long Range:

Soliferrum: As warriors became more heavily armored, throwing weapons had to evolve as well. The heavy javelin was designed to be used by a foot soldier against ever-heavier armored warriors.

Unlockable Weapon: Sling: The sling was comprised of a leather pocket, and two leather cords. It is one of the most ancient weapons, and was used to throw stones, or bullets of lead or iron, at a great distance.


Loirca Hamata: Made of interlocking rings, chainmail was effective against slashing attacks, but could not stop bludgeoning weapons and was of limited usefulness against piercing attacks.

Pteryges: Pteryges were strips of leather (often two or three layers thick) that hung from the warrior’s waist. This acted as a flexible, maneuverable armor for the hips to knees, and usually indicated rank.

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