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Deadliest Warrior: Legends Quick Facts:


  • Hernan Cortes’ legacy is that of the destroyer of the Aztec Empire. He came looking for gold, brought modern weapons and European germs, and set the stage for the end of a civilization.
  • In Cuba, Cortes became interested in gold, and amassed a fortune on the backs of his slaves. Expeditions returned from Mexico with tales of vast gold reserves. Cortes had to find out.
  • Cortes sailed as a trader, but he was prepared for war. In addition to swords and armor, Conquistaors brought arquebuses, and small cannon. The Aztecs fought with weapons of wood and bone.
  • The Aztecs believed Cortes was the return of one of their gods. To display his power, Cortes had his cavalry ride in formation while the cannon and arquebuses rang out. The Aztecs were petrified.
  • Cortes told the Aztecs that his king had a disease that could only be cured by gold. Montezuma was willing to satisfy the need, but soon said there was no more gold and told Cortes to leave.
  • Incensed at the refusal for more gold, Cortes began a campaign of fear and destruction. The Spanish wreaked  havoc on the Aztecs. Within two years the entire Aztec civilization was destroyed.



Short Range:

Espada Ropera and Main-Gauche: The espada ropera had a thin blade that was designed for slashing, a basket hilt and thin crossguard. The main-gauche was a dagger used in the non-dominant hand.

Unlockable Weapon: Side Sword and Main-Gauche Variant: The side-sword had straight, parallel sides, both being sharp. They were heavy enough to handle armored opponents, while light and fast enough to counter the agility of an unarmored opponent.

Mid Range:

Alabarda: The Spanish halberd, an Alabarda had an axe head for cleaving, a pick for piercing plate armor and a spike for thrusting. Shafts were around 7 feet and were used by footmen and unmounted knights.

Unlockable Weapon: Poleaxe: The poleaxe had a long shaft for leverage. The working end had a smallish axe head, thrusting spike and hammer face for crushing. They were supremely effective against plate armor.

Long Range:

Crossbow: The pistol crossbow is a scaled-down version of the larger weapon. They are light and concealable, while offering a deadly shot that is almost silent.

Unlockable Weapon: Arquebus: The arquebus is an early muzzle loading rifle which used a smoldering cloth match to ignite a black powder charge. Though not particularly powerful, the arquebus did lead to the end of plate armor.


Court Regalia: Anyone invited to court was expected to wear their finest clothes, jewelry, and most decorative weapons (if allowed). During some periods it was fashion to wear a breastplate or other armor.

Unlockable Armor: Conquistador Armor: The armor worn by a conquistador changed depending on where he was. Cortes’ men started with little armor, but as his campaigns progressed his cavalry increased their protection to almost full plate.

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