Mark your calenders for September 20, folks. That’s when Burnout CRASH! will be released to the world via Xbox Live Arcade. The price was also announced, and the game will run you 800 Microsoft Points. The fan favorite crash mode, where you crash into cars and trigger explosions, is the focus of Burnout CRASH!, and is sure to have fans of the classic Burnout games very happy. Also included is a Kinect-only mode in which two teams use gesture controls to try and get as many points as possible. With top-down, pinball-esque gameplay, Burnout CRASH! is a unique game that is sure to make people smile.

Burnout CRASH! is a crazy mix of pinball and game shows,” said Richard Franke, Creative Director for the game. “We’ve evolved the core gameplay which everyone loved about Crash Mode, and expanded the whole experience using music, style and Autolog to create what we feel is the most mindless fun you can have on any gaming platform.”