The Game Bakers’ challenging all-boss fighter, Furi, is heading to Xbox One. The game which is comprised entirely of wildly varying boss battles, uses a unique mix of sword fighting and shooting in what is said to be a love letter to Japanese action games such as No More Heroes, Metal Gear Solid and Godhand.

Already released for PS4 and PC, Furi has received high praise for its supremely stylish and genre-bending gameplay. It’s eye catching style is thanks to Afro Samurai‘s creator, Takashi Okazaki, with an original soundtrack featuring popular synthwave acts like Carpenter Brut, Danger, Scattle, Lorn, The Toxic Avenger, Waveshaper and more.

The game will come to Xbox One at a date to be announced, with exclusive new content in the form of a new boss encounter. In the meantime, The Game Bakers have been sharing the development secrets with a behind the scenes Making of Furi video and you can check out the latest episodes below.