Update: The characters will be available with the patch on July 23.

It’s not surprised we’re all excited about the upcoming patch and DLC for Awesomenauts, specifically our Guide Co-Ordinator freaking out about it any way he can. We’ve detailed what kind of changes from their forums and what new characters we’re expecting for Ronimo’s 2D MOBA with the hoverboardin’ Coco Nebulon and cat launchin’ Derpl Zork. What we haven’t told you is what kind of price this would be when it comes out with the patch. That’s the best news, it’s completely FREE!


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Yes, as you download the patch, the new characters will come with it. There’s still no date currently for when it will be released but “very, very soon” according to Ronimo sounds pretty…well, soon. As our Guide Co-Ordinator also pointed out, we’ll also be updating our guide for the new characters and patch changes so you’ll be able to win very awesomely. We’ll keep you up to date when the patch’s date is set in stone.

Source: Joystiq