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I am to help people understand that video games are an evolving medium that deserves to be scrutinized as much as any other art form, and that we need to encourage innovation in an industry riddled with safe bets and sequels.
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Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – Chapter 8 collectables

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Radio – (0:59)

After unlocking the gate, head into the booth to your left, and you’ll find a radio on the desk alongside …
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Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – Chapter 7 collectables

Old Gods of Asgard – (1:01)

After defeating the “King Hillbilly”, make your way up the road a bit before looking to your left towards a wooden palette. You’ll notice …
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Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – Chapter 9 Collectables

Serena and Mr. Scratch – (7:47)

Before going up towards the projector where Mister Scratch is taunting you, head down the road towards the flashing manuscript on a set of …
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