Old Gods of Asgard – (1:01)

After defeating the “King Hillbilly”, make your way up the road a bit before looking to your left towards a wooden palette. You’ll notice another glowing manuscript, “Old Gods of Asgard”, ripe for the taking!

Old Gods in the Studio – (5:01)

As you make your way towards the gas station, look to the right of the pillar by the mailbox before the motel’s main entrance. Look for the telltale glowing page, and you’ll nab the “Old Gods in the Studio” manuscript!

Emma and Mister Scratch – (8:20)

After flipping the fuse box to save Emma, turn around and head towards the old bus. Near the rear end is another manuscript page, “Emma and Mister Scratch”.

Mr. Scratch TV – (9:05)

Once you’ve flipped the fuse box, turn around and walk towards the run down bus. You’ll see a TV just waiting to be turned on, and you can enjoy a Mister Scratch monologue should you elect to do so.

The Giant – (11:05)

Pass the bus and walk over the small humps towards the tall cactus-like tree. Head through the alleyway for a bit, then turn left and head up the small set of stairs. On the table by the emptied out pool will be another manuscript, “The Giant”.

Barry and the Old Gods – (12:12)

Before returning to Emma, head back towards the flaming oil rig and move along the left side before encountering a gate. On the wooden post next to the gate will be a manuscript page, “Barry and the Old Gods”, waiting to be snatched.

Radio – (13:25)

For the final collectible is this zone, head back towards the motel where Emma is located. Rather than talk to her, continue past her for a bit and you’ll notice the radio on a wooden table.