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Radio – (0:59)

After unlocking the gate, head into the booth to your left, and you’ll find a radio on the desk alongside a bunch of ammo.

Everything is as Real as Everything Else – (4:46)

Make your way up the road towards the observatory, and after defeating the small group of enemies that spawn, grab the shining manuscript page, “Everything is as Real as Everything Else”.

Dr. Meadows and Mr. Scratch – (7:41)

Once you’ve cleared the darkness from the car blocking the observatory entrance, head down the road a bit while following the small pipeline. You’ll come across the last flashing manuscript page in this zone, “Dr. Meadows and Mr. Scratch”.

Mr. Scratch TV – (8:36)

Almost immediately after entering the observatory, look to your right, and you’ll see a TV waiting to be turned on.

New Reality: Fragment 3 – (End)

Simply complete the chapter to obtain this manuscript page. Easy enough!