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Retro City Rampage sequel Hawaii Shakedown not coming to Xbox at launch

By  •  November 25, 2015

Hawaii Shakedown, the 16-bit sequel to XBLA’s Retro City Rampage, isn’t coming to Xbox One — at least not at launch. Announced on the PlayStation Blog yesterday, Hawaii Shakedown is …
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Retro City Rampage dev labels XBLA ‘a learning experience’

By  •  March 5, 2013

Retro City Rampage XBLA

Brian Provinciano, the developer of Retro City Rampage, made an interesting revelation on Twitter recently: the PlayStation Vita version of his game sold more copies than its XBLA and PSN counterparts.

In surprisingly singing the praises of the struggling handheld as a viable platform for indie developers, he also took the opportunity to fire a few passive-aggressive potshots at XBLA.

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Retro City Rampage review (XBLA)

By  •  January 18, 2013

Retro City Rampage was developed by VBlank Entertainment and published by D3 Publisher. It was released January 2, 2013 for 1200 MSP. A copy was provided for review purposes.


One of the great genres of modern gaming is the open-world game. While quite common nowadays, this modern gaming staple is something that was virtually unseen in the days of 8-bit gaming. But what if there were open-world games in the 80’s? That’s where Retro City Rampage comes in. The game follows a character known simply as The Player, the henchman of an evil villain who is accidentally transported back in time. With the help of time traveler (and obvious Back to the Future) reference Doc Choc, The Player must explore the city of Theftropolis to find parts for a new time machine. Created by Brian Provinciano, this Grand Theft Auto-inspired game faithfully re-imagines the genre in 8-bit form, and parodies everything along the way.

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Retro City Rampage coming to XBLA January 2

By  •  December 28, 2012

Retro City Rampage XBLA

XBLA players will be able to ring in the New Year next week by partying like it’s 1999…or 1989…or any other year from the ’80s or ’90s, for that matter: developer Vblank Entertainment Inc. has revealed that Retro City Rampage will finally release on Xbox Live Arcade on January 2. The game first released on PSN and PC in October, but the announced XBLA and WiiWare versions were pushed back indefinitely.

Brian Provinciano, the man “almost entirely” responsible for developing Retro City Rampage, announced last month that an improved XBLA version was complete and had entered certification, but he was unable to provide a concrete release date at the time. Provinciano used the time between the October release on PSN/PC and the game’s November certification bid to tinker away on the XBLA version, ensuring it would be what he calls “a better experience.”

The retro-tinged open world game was designed from the beginning to require players “to stop and strategize” while playing. Unfortunately, he received player feedback following the October release that the game was frustrating when players entered into certain missions with “just fists and guns.” Additional tutorials and tip screens that show after a player has failed a mission a certain number of times have been added to the XBLA release in an attempt to smooth out the experience. Further softening the difficulty are additional checkpoints sprinkled throughout the game.

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Retro City Rampage will run amok on Xbox Live Arcade

By  •  November 15, 2012

The 8-bit action-adventure parody, Retro City Rampage, is finally headed for Xbox Live Arcade, reports Eurogamer. Marred by delays, the title was initially to be released simultaneously across multiple platforms, …
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Retro City Rampage launch trailer unveiled

By  •  October 9, 2012

[springboard type=”youtube” id=”8pW3e7x2T3U” player=”xbla001″ width=”640″ height=”400″] Brian Provinciano’s eagerly anticipated Grand Theft Auto inspired shooter Retro City Rampage launches today on PSN and PC, with an XBLA release scheduled for later …
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A sneak peek at Retro City Rampage achievements

By  •  September 13, 2012

Retro City Rampage sort of disappeared from the media radar after missing it’s target release date of May. We’ve heard bits and pieces in the form of things like …
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Retro City Rampage will include Virtual Meat Boy mini-game

By  •  June 1, 2012

We’ve known there were going to be some special XBLA character cameos in the upcoming 8-bit 80’s homage Retro City Rampage, and we couldn’t wait to see our favorite characters in lower resolutions. One …
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Retro City Rampage to feature XBLA character cameos

By  •  May 9, 2012

Retro City Rampage looks to be fighting for the title of Most Pop Culture References in a Video Game. While we already knew about cameos like Mr. Destructoid and …
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New screenshots show off Retro City Rampage

By  •  April 10, 2012

Ready for a glimpse at some retro insanity? Get ready, because a dozen new screenshots for Retro City Rampage dropped on Twitter late last week.

Developed by VBlank Entertainment, Retro City Rampage is a love-letter to 8-bit gaming, right down to the simplified graphics. It has a few things in common with the original Grand Theft Auto titles, including a top-down perspective and an open world for the player to explore, terrorize and complete missions in. Retro City Rampage will also pay homage to such classic as Super Mario Bros., Mega Man and The Legend of Zelda.

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