It feels like we’ve been waiting on game announcements for some time, but the ID@Xbox team unleashed the floodgates last week for the first wave of titles using the new independent development program. Twenty-five games were showcased at a public event during GDC providing developers a chance for direct fan interaction. The ID@Xbox team released a video highlighting five of the games: Super Time Force from Capy Games, Strike Suit Zero Directors Cut from Born Ready Games, It Draws a Red Box from Other Ocean Interactive, Spectra 8 Bit Racing from Gateway Interactive and FRU from Through Games.

Super Time Force has been on our radar for quite some time and is poised for a summer release on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The developers have redefined metaphysics providing an incredibly unique take on the run and gun action genre.

Strike Suit Zero Directors Cut brings space combat to the Xbox One, letting players test their dogfighting skills. An updated version of the PC game kickstarted in 2012, Strike Suit Zero Directors Cut should offer a nice change of pace on the Xbox One. Hopefully the developers have been able to iron out some of the kinks that gave the PC version mixed reviews.

It Draws a Red Box looks incredibly exciting and chaotic. Providing eight-player support, IDARE gives players jetpacks in a futuristic arena ball game. If done well, the potential on this game seems huge.

Spectra 8bit Racing teams up Gateway Interactive and Chipzel (known for the music to Super Hexagon). The twitch-style retro racer should test racing skills as players try to collect things while avoiding obstacles.

FRU, the outcome of a game jam, uses Kinect in a way no other game has to date. The players shadow changes the level requiring players to contort and move with the game, which is played with a controller. Speed runs for the game are going to be quite literally insane.