A brand new trailer for Studio Fizbin’s The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk has been released, showing off its 2D animated glory to the world. It has been three years since the events of the first game, and now Robert, Laura and their pidgeon Peck have to go on another adventure to save Asposia. The unlikely trio is out to stop Emil, the world’s self-proclaimed leader who’s planning to get rid of Robert and the rest of the flute-noses. The game will retain the original’s point-and-click gameplay but will feature a new character swapping mechanic, allowing you to seamlessly switch between the three protagonists. The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk currently does not have a release date, as the trailer only gives us the ever-ambiguous “coming soon”. 

While playing the first game will not be required to enjoy the new one, the original was ported to the Xbox One earlier this year and proved to be an enjoyable adventure. You can check out our review for The Inner World here.