“Is it bad that I’m procrastinating right now by posting random stuff on facebook? Go on, ask me something.”

This was posted on the Shank Facebook page very recently. Jamie Cheng, founder of Klei Entertainment, developer team on Shank 2, has been answering fans questions on the Shank facebook page… because he can. While his session just ended, he has asked us to encourage fans to contact Klei on their Facebook page if they have questions or comments about all things Shank. As we’ve seen and heard straight from Klei, they take their fan comments very seriously.

We managed a few questions ourselves, here’s what they answered for us:

XBLA Fans: Are there story mode leaderboards or just for the survival? What stats are tracked?
: Yes, there are story mode leaderboards. We also keep track of a ton of stuff, but honestly I can’t remember them right now.

XBLA Fans: Will hard/insane mode be equally as hard/insane? Shank on the highest difficulty was quite the butt kicker. Are there difficulty modes for survival?
Klei: Hard is pretty darn hard, though we did add moderate checkpoints this time around. Survival has no difficulty modes because it’s already bloody hard in the later waves.

XBLA Fans: Have you guys ever considered a deathmatch multiplayer mode or other competitive brawler modes?
: We made a game called Sugar Rush that’s exactly that once. Alas the game was cancelled. I think in general that’s a pretty different game.

Stay tuned for more from Klei as Shank 2 readies for launch on February 8th as there will indeed be more.