Awesomenauts, 2D MOBA-styled platformer from Ronimo Games, has finally announced the details on the first of their six character roster, Froggy G. Froggy G’s tale tells of a checkered past:

The amphibious B.I.G., also known as Nate Frogg or Froggy G, comes straight out of the marsh pond ghetto’s of planet Ribit IV. Growing up in the baddest part of town, struggle and incarceration surrounded Froggy from an early age. Taking part in his first swim-by shoot out as a tadpole, Froggy seemed destined for a life of crime and prison. After a bloody gang war with the neighboring Toad-unit posse ended in a 5 year jail sentence, Froggy G vowed to end his gangsta ways. Instead, Froggy G started earning his keep as a beatboxing streetdancer and rapper, hoping to be picked up by a major record label. Unfortunately, his tracks, titled “Pond Pimpin'”, “Froggin’ Dirty” and “Motherfrogger Bounce!” didn’t earn him much. In order to make some money, and then make some mo’, Froggy G became a hired gun. Combining his shoot-out experiences with lethal watery dance-moves and beatboxing techniques, Froggy G now spins and dashes across intergalactic battlefields.

Each character in Awesomenauts has four moves that make them unique, as well as various upgrades allowing players to customize their playstyle. Froggy G’s moveset suggests he might be a “Carry”, or a character whose abilities make him valuable at the end of the game. His basics consist of a fish that shoots water bullets and a jump-pack he can charge, allowing for varying jump heights to get out of or into battles. Froggy G is also equipped with a Whirlwind (you’d think it’d be a whirlpool) ability which when activated damages all enemies around him for as long as the ability lasts, and a Dash ability which is omni-directional, damaging and stunning enemies caught in its watery wake. Some upgrades included in the reveal suggest both statistical and functional improvements, for instance the Hammer Pants give the Dash a “ground pound” feature when aimed into the ground, whereas the Mutant Worm Cartridges simply increase the firing rate on Froggy G’s fish-gun.

Anxious to see Froggy G in action? Check out the Awesomenauts Froggy G Spotlight after the jump and stay tuned to see the upcoming character reveals. If the site ordering is any indicator, perhaps Lonestar, the dynamite-hurling sheriff, will be next. Not sure what Awesomenauts is still? Check out our interview with co-founder of Ronimo Games, Jasper Koning, on the details of Awesomenauts.

For more details, check out “The Game” tab on the Awesomenauts website.