With the whole pandemic going on, companies aren’t going to be able to host demos at large gatherings such as PAX or E3. They have decided to do a virtual version of it by allowing us to download a bunch of demos! This is awesome and I wish they would do it every year. There are so many to choose from. They can end up taking a lot of your time and hard drive space. I went ahead and downloaded and played every single one of them. I will give a very short summary on what they are. You can go through this list and pick ones that interest you. I do sometimes give little opinions on how I liked them, but please take that with a grain of salt. It’s my opinion and my tastes may differ from yours. This is by no means meant to be any kind of review. They are typically in alpha stages and are just little previews of their vision.

If you have read reviews on this site, you likely have stumbled upon a few of mine. If you think my opinions align with yours, feel free to download my top 15 below. These are the ones I will be investing my time in.

  • 9 Monkeys of Shaolin
  • Antipole DX
  • Book of Aventum
  • Clea
  • Cris Tales
  • Dandy Ace
  • Darkestville Castle
  • Destroy All Humans
  • Freshly Frosted
  • Haven
  • Hellpoint: A Thespian Feast
  • Kaze and the Wild Masks
  • Klang 2
  • Nine Witches: Family Disruption
  • Raji: An Ancient Epic

I liked many of them, but that’s the list I would suggest you dive into straight away. Otherwise, please see the full listing below, all in alphabetical order. Want to try them all? You have until the 27th! So get downloading. The list is kind of a pain to get to, so if you’d like, you can just click the title under the picture to go to the marketplace page for that specific game.

Note: A few titles I couldn’t play. Some require multiple people and I live alone. Two of the titles kept crashing before I could play. They are detailed on this list.

Second Note: There are indeed 70 games. It shows 71 but that is a mistake. One of the demos in that list is actually Doodle God: Crime City, which released in 2018 and I reviewed it at the time.

9 Monkeys of Shaolin

Developer: Sobaka Studio
Publisher: Raven’s Court
What it is: Taking place in medieval China, Wei Cheng is a fisherman who seeks revenge for the death of his loved ones. This may be an easy out as a storyline, but maybe there’s a surprise plot twist. Or maybe not.
Thoughts: Instant beat’em-up satisfaction. The combat is extremely fluid and easy to master. Levels are short but sweet. With lots of upgrades and equipment, you’ll be sure to have a lot of selection on how you kick butt!

*In my top 15

A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher

Developer: Ask An Enemy Studios
Publisher: Ask An Enemy Studios
What it is: Control two ships at the same time, one with each analog stick. The one on the left shoots but stays in place and the right one can move around to escape danger.
Thoughts: While starting the game up can be confusing, I did find it extremely well done how it is displayed. There was a lot of showmanship which was excellent. The game itself was a test of the mind as it feels as if your mind must adapt to thinking about left and right at the same time. A very interesting concept.

Antipole DX

Developer: Saturnine Games
Publisher: Saturnine Games
What it is: A fast-paced, retro platformer where you can use gravity manipulation to speed through the levels. You play as a space outlaw who is exploring a spacecraft.
Thoughts: Right away I see Carmen Sandiego. Jokes aside, it has awesome gameplay. You can reverse gravity (you go upside down for a second) to quickly get around. It’s like a second jump too. It made me feel like I wanted to fire on all cylinders and just rush through the levels collecting the three challenge coins. I didn’t have to play long to know it’s a blast.

*In my top 15

Alchemist Adventure

Developer: Bad Minions
Publisher: Super.com
What it is: Mya wakes up in an abandoned and decimated world. She has amnesia and the adventure is about remembering who you are and what happened. She is an alchemist that can combine elements and potions to use for survival and combat.
Thoughts: It’s like a customizable dungeon crawler RPG. There is a little framerate issue but not too bad. I do wish items could be picked up automatically instead of having to hit A on everything. There’s a lot to pick up. It was a bit difficult but I may have put it on a harder setting by mistake. Seems promising, and could be quite a long journey.

*Honorable Mention


Developer: R-Next
Publisher: R-Next
What it is: A twin-stick shooter where you fly around in a spaceship trying to gather a resource which is basically a programmable liquid metal for your home planet.
Thoughts: It’s co-op heavy which isn’t great for me and my living arrangement. However, I managed to play it solo. You have two basic modes: one in which you fly on a track avoiding stuff while collecting the resource; another in which you are on a small planet or moon and must destroy everything. I liked the second part better since I enjoy destroying stuff. I don’t feel I have enough to go by to say if I really like it or not because it’s a very quick demo.

Armed and Gelatinous

Developer: Three Flip Studios
Publisher: Three Flip Studios
What it is: Blob warfare! A competitive couch multiplayer game with various modes including deathmatch and a game similar to soccer.
Thoughts: It’s just me, so I didn’t get a chance to play it. No bots for me to destroy. I watched some trailers instead, and it seems cute and over the top. Not something I’ll ever get because I live alone. But if you have a family and this is your thing, then give the demo a try.

Ars Fabulae

Developer: Punk Notion
Publisher: Punk Notion
What it is: Painted in VR, you play out a story about an actress and a director. There is a mix of both first-person walking sim as well as third-person puzzle-solving. As the actress, you find various masks to put on and then play an act from that mask.
Thoughts: It does indeed look beautiful. The idea of putting on a mask and then doing that scene is pretty cool. It keeps changing as you play. I’m curious to know how many there actually are, as the demo had a couple and they seemed like lengthy segments. This is a really long demo.

Back to Belt

Developer: Mauricio Felippe
Publisher: Mauricio Felippe MF
What it is: A spiritual successor of Asteroids, Back to Belt is a 3D old-school shoot’em up game that is made up of geometry shapes, paying homage to the 40th anniversary of Asteroids.
Thoughts: Not my cup of tea, but if you love the classic arcade titles this one does it justice with the look and feel. My biggest concern is the shooting, which feels like it’s not fast enough and I can barely see the bullets. It’s almost too quiet, but looking back at game footage from Asteroids, it too was only filled with minor sound effects. There are lots of high scores for each level which some may find appealing.

Bite the Bullet

Developer: Mega Cat Studios
Publisher: Graffiti Games
What it is: A rogue-lite RPG shooter in which you must eat enemies to survive and gain experience. Watch your calories!
Thoughts: I played this at PAX last year and thought it was pretty neat. I played the demo, however, and felt the level was way too long. There was just no end to it. I got so fed up with it not ending I just started trying to dash through it just to get to the end. I never made it. I probably traveled for a good 15 to 20 minutes. Was there even an end?

Book of Adventum

Developer: Dark Amber Softworks
Publisher: Eleven Productions
What it is: An action FPS on an island where your enemies are robots. You can dual-wield weapons and craft potions. Explore and get better weapons to defeat tougher enemies. You can craft your own gear using parts you find. Hope you’re comfortable with a workbench.
Thoughts: After a few moments of playing, it felt quite similar to an Elder Scrolls game or even Bioshock. It’s a little on the sluggish feeling side but I still liked it. I just wish changing weapons was easier. Everything else seems great. It’s something I think has a lot of potential.

*In my top 15

Cake Bash

Developer: High Tea Frog
Publisher: Coatsink
What it is: A four-player party game in which you assume the role of a cake. Fight to be the tastiest baked desert.
Thoughts: An adorable party game that has interesting little mini-games all typically involving some kind of dessert or candy. It can be frantic and is very family-friendly. Kids will love it.

Chickens Madness

Developer: Vikong
Publisher: Vikong
What it is: Party games have been popular, but few and far between. It’s always awesome to have lots of mini-games to play with friends in a battle for bragging rights. Choose your chicken and show the world how much of a cluck you give.
Thoughts: I eagerly started up the demo, anticipating some fun mini-games. It won’t let me play! I am by myself, and there is no option for AI competitors. That’s a bummer. It looks like a blast but I won’t get to try it. I settled for watching some videos instead. Make sure you have someone to play with before downloading!


Developer: InvertMouse
Publisher: InvertMouse
What it is: A stealth horror game in which you and your brother must escape the mansion you call home. Your parents have been experimenting with monsters known as Chaos Servants but they have gotten loose. Sneak, peak, and run to the nearest closet in order to survive.
Thoughts: Okay, I admit. It got me. I jumped in the first encounter with whatever that thing is that chases you. I flushed a toilet, went outside the bathroom and he was there (I didn’t jump because I expected it since I made noise). I left the bathroom and thought he would be searching inside. I moved the screen over to check an area and as soon as I was done, it was too late. What a great looking title screen too.

*In my top 15

Cris Tales

Developer: Dreams Uncorporated, SYCK
Publisher: Modus Games
What it is: A game inspired by many JRPGs, you will be able to look into the past, decide in the present, and see how it alters the future. It’s turn-based combat with the ability to warp your enemies into the past or future and defeat them with a group of friends you make.
Thoughts: Besides a blinding loading screen, everything is quite lovely to look at. Seeing the past, present, and future all on the same screen is awesome. In the town, there is a woman with a baby stroller. If you look in the past, you see her as a child. In the future, you see her as an older woman with a kid who’s grown. I’m already loving it.

*In my top 15

Curved Space

Developer: Only by Midnight
Publisher: Only by Midnight
What it is: Fight spiders in a rotating 3D space landscape in this intense twin-stick shooter. Has a campaign and survival mode.
Thoughts: The demo was just broken for me. Soundtrack sounded great, but it wouldn’t work. Just a messed up screen every time I attempted.

Dandy Ace

Developer: Mad Mimic
Publisher: Mad Mimic
What it is: Rogue-Lite game with a magician! You equip cards that give different power-ups and attacks. You can buy permanent upgrades, but if you die you’re starting over with everything else you’ve picked up.
Thoughts: What a fantastic theme. I love the idea and it’s actually pretty fun. It was a little tough even on normal, but I’m up for a challenge when a game is a high-quality experience. There is a bunch of random powers you can pick up and cool upgrades to buy. It plays smoothly and has great effects.

*In my top 15

Darkestille Castle

Developer: Epic Llama
Publisher: Buka Entertainment
What it is: Point-and-click adventure where you are a servant of chaos. Yep, you’re the bad guy. Demon hunters (I think) have abducted your pet fish and it’s time to go John Wick on them. Not really, but it’s what I thought of when I realized the route the story was going.
Thoughts: Humor turned up to full. This reminds me of other various titles like Monkey Island and others inspired by it. I will be getting this one for sure. Clever but not impossible puzzles. This was one of my favorite demos and I can’t wait to finish the adventure.

*In my top 15


Developer: Toasted Fuel
Publisher: The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
What it is: A puzzle game where you must get two small boxes into specific locations. It’s physics-based and has a ton of levels that are short but based on figuring them out, could take a while.
Thoughts: I went into this one with extremely low expectations. I’ve grown tired of simple puzzle games and the last one I really enjoyed was Thomas Was Alone. I was surprised that it’s actually pretty good. The mechanics are simple, yes, but it’s almost complicated to get the hang of. Trial and error go a long way.

*Honorable mention

Destroy All Humans

Developer: Black Forest Games
Publisher: THQ Nordic
What it is: This is a remake from the original game of the same title. Set in the 1950s, cause destruction on the world as an alien. You can fly in your UFO or set out on foot, with all kinds of science fiction-based weaponry as well as telekinesis.
Thoughts: I played the original so I already knew what to expect. Improved graphics are always a plus and it’s been a while, so worth your time if you love the franchise or if you’ve never played it before. This is likely the biggest game of the entire set of demos, so I’m a bit surprised it made it into Game Fest. It even releases in a few days!

*In my top 15

Dungeon and Gravestone

Developer: Wonderland Kazakiri
Publisher: Wonderland Kazakiri
What it is: Rogue-like RPG that looks a lot like Minecraft Dungeons and plays on a board where you move to squares instead of free-roaming. Go deeper and deeper into the dungeon battling various monsters.
Thoughts: It felt like I was in a land created with Lego. Not a bad thing. Kind of a fun little dungeon explorer. I don’t mind it but quit after a few uncontrollable deaths. Like entering the dungeon without a “body” and dying as soon as I got inside.

Dungeon Scavenger Inferno

Developer: Vidama Software LLC
Publisher: Vidama Software LLC
What it is: A unique turn-based old school RPG where you go through rooms in a dungeon and fight monsters. Lots of playable classes and upgrades to obtain.
Thoughts: I was astonished by how many classes I could choose from. Almost every room has an enemy or a treasure chest. There is tons of equipment and many choices to make. It does feel like you’re playing a really old game but has such an extreme amount of options for equipment. This could be a lot of hours to invest in for completion.

Ephemeral Tale

Developer: Dawdling Dog
Publisher: Dawdling Dog
What it is: A loot-driven JRPG that looks and feels just like an old SNES game from back in the day. Even the music reminds me of some of the older ones I used to play.
Thoughts: It took me a while to finally get to some battles. The first fight I nearly died. Then the enemy succeeded in slaying me. Kind of a hard game from the start. It plays fine and I liked the battles, but not sure why it was so difficult in the earliest part of the game. There are people you can hire or convince to walk along with you, but only get one at a time. I messed up and swapped them out, wasting resources. Could have used more of a tutorial.

Flowing Lights

Developer: gFaUmNe Inc.
Publisher: gFaUmNe Inc.
What it is: An arcade puzzle shooter. I’m not sure what you are, but it reminds of a manta ray that can shoot neon bullets. It thrives on failing and trying again, with ranks per small area.
Thoughts: It reminds me of mini-golf. A lot of your shooting involves curves and hills. The bullets follow this geometry and it is satisfying to hit the target. Pretty awesome introduction to the game.

*Honorable mention

Fractal Space

Developer: Haze Games
Publisher: Haze Games
What it is: First-person puzzle adventure game. Utilize your jetpack, taser, and control time around the space station you’re alone in.
Thoughts: I’m pretty disappointed, this demo doesn’t work and just force quits when it starts. Tried uninstalling but that didn’t work either. This was on my radar to be one of my favorite demos. I guess I have to wait until it releases.

Freshly Frosted

Developer: The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
Publisher: The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
What it is: A puzzle game with a donut factory theme. Make the donuts by connecting conveyor belts in the correct order without jamming them.
Thoughts: Fresh idea! The puzzles got more complicated and made me slow down. I don’t typically play a lot of puzzle games but this one has my attention. It’s aesthetically pleasing as well, and not just because donuts are delicious.

*In my top 15


Developer: Puny Human
Publisher: Puny Human
What it is: A…sidescrolling shooter in space with puzzle elements similar to mobile titles such as Candy Crush. I guess that’s the best way I can think to describe it. It’s an idea I’ve never seen before.
Thoughts: I first thought it was a space shooter. I fell in love instantly. The way the ship moved around was beyond impressive. But then I got to the puzzle parts. Match the colors and get four to break the walls. Well, I like half of the way it plays. I would like to mention that the special effects are spectacular.

Gauntlet Force

Developer: Forge Studios SRL
Publisher: Forge Studios SRL
What it is: A beat-em-up style platformer in which you must stop an evil baroness from conquering the world.
Thoughts: I liked it right away. The controls were smooth feeling and I think it would be an adventure that would be worth completing. I’m sure it only gets better too when you can buy upgrades. Worth a look if you’re into platformers.

Genesis Noir

Developer: Feral Cat Den
Publisher: Fellow Traveler
What it is: A noir game that explores the cause of the Big Bang through the use of a love triangle. It’s described as a non-traditional point-and-click adventure.
Thoughts: I struggled at the start, maybe because my sound was low. I like the way the perspective changed around a lot but hated that the cursor would always disappear at the top of the screen. I quit at the saxophone Simon Says section. Not something I’m interested in, but I respect the design.


Developer: The Game Bakers
Publisher: The Game Bakers
What it is: Two characters are hiding on floating islands to avoid the planet they fled. A romance-based RPG where you explore the strange and beautiful islands.
Thoughts: A bit of a rough start but it suddenly picked up. Gliding around picking up things was a little boring but then when I got to the combat I was impressed. You use the analog sticks to choose your moves. I have a feeling the story could be quite emotional.

*In my top 15

Helheim Hassle

Developer: Perfectly Paranormal
Publisher: Perfectly Paranormal
What it is: A quirky adventure in which you play a Viking who has died and can now detach and reattach his limbs to solve puzzles.
Thoughts: Decent humor and I like the introduction to the game a lot. This isn’t the first game I’ve played using my detached head to solve puzzles! As long as the game continues at the pace it starts with, it should be solid. It’s also worth mentioning it is in the same world as Manual Samuel.

Hellpoint: The Thespian Feast

Developer: Cradle Games
Publisher: tinyBuild
What it is: You play an investigator who arrives at a station to find some monstrous enemies. It’s an action RPG similar to the Dark Souls series.
Thoughts: This was not as hard as some of the others in the genre. I welcome that! I thought while the graphics could use a touch-up, the enemies were extremely well-crafted and evil-looking. It deserves the buzz it’s getting.

*In my top 15

Kaze and the Wild Masks

Developer: PixelHive
Publisher: SOEDESCO
What it is: Kaze must save her friend Hogo from living vegetables because of a curse. It’s a ’90s inspired platformer.
Thoughts: It reminds me of a lot of the games I played growing up, such as Donkey Kong Country and Bonkers. The feeling of movement could be better, but everything else is perfect. Gathering gems, rushing through enemies, bonus levels, picking up letters to spell your name, and even the music. I wanted to play the level again just to find what I missed. Good stuff.

*In my top 15

Klang 2

Developer: Timimations
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
What it is: Rhythm-based combat needing quick reflexes to survive the onslaught of enemies.
Thoughts: I usually don’t care for rhythm games but when you introduce it as an actual way to fight enemies, then it has my vote. A lot more fun than I expected. The music is right up my alley and the speed at which you have to match the rhythm is near addicting.

*In my top 15

Kova: AlphaLink

Developer: Black Hive Media
Publisher: Black Hive Media
What it is: A dystopian intergalactic arena multiplayer platformer shooter. Play with friends or against people in online matches.
Thoughts: I’m too lazy to find another controller and batteries to play an actual match and there is no option to add bots. However, the hub you start in and the amount of customization you can do make me very curious. I’m actually excited for some online PVP.

Knight Squad 2

Developer: Chainsawesome Games
Publisher: Chainsawesome Games
What it is: Choose a knight and battle for dominance in various game modes. It’s an arena multiplayer game that has a view from overhead. Gather weapons and defeat your opponents.
Thoughts: I do like the design and it seemed really responsive when playing. Couch-based games do seem to be hard to play for much longer than a few hours.

KungFu Kickball

Developer: WhaleFood Games
Publisher: Blowfish Studios
What it is: A team-based fighting sports game in which you must get a ball to hit a ball on the opposite side of the court.
Thoughts: The first thing that really stuck out was the sound of the kickball being hit, which is the same sound it makes in the actual sport. It seems pretty fun, but how long would it last? Hopefully, it has a bunch of unlockables.

Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale

Developer: GrimTalin
Publisher: GrimTalin
What it is: A relaxing puzzle game with a story told through poetry. Move a ball to gather feathers with a limited amount of moves. If you fail, you need to try again using the environment to your advantage.
Thoughts: It really is relaxing. I fell asleep! Not because it was boring, but it puts you in a calm mental state of thinking yet doesn’t demand too much brainpower. Also, the music was very soft.

Lost Wing

Developer: BoxFrog Games
Publisher: 2Awesome Partners
What it is: Race through tracks shooting away debris while trying to keep your weapon charged enough to use it. Gain experience and upgrade to complete levels faster.
Thoughts: Pretty slick, but it is extremely hard to look at your charge meter on the top right while avoiding a bunch of obstacles. It has gotten me killed more than I’d like to admit. Fun, but maybe that part can be moved to make it more obvious if your gun will fire.

Mars Power Industries

Developer: 7A Games
Publisher: 7A Games
What it is: Inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey, manage your resources to solve challenging puzzles. Get the power running on the planet!
Thoughts: Starts out simple then becomes increasingly more complex. I’m really sure it’s something I would invest much time in, but puzzle fans can rejoice that they may have something to challenge them.

Mayhem Brawler

Developer: Hero Concept
Publisher: Hero Concept
What it is: 90s arcade beat’em-up that you can play solo or with a friend. Choose one of the three powerful officers to defend the city.
Thoughts: I love the comic book theme. It’s really slow movements, which I guess is okay since that’s how the beat’em-ups used to be. There aren’t many moves but I’m guessing you can get more later.


Developer: Swerve Studios
Publisher: Swerve Studios
What it is: Retro momentum and physics-based game with the ability to redirect your projectile to keep it oncourse.
Thoughts: It has a cool glow to it. I didn’t know I could redirect the ball so I’d wait for a long time while it bounced around before finally making it to the goal. I learned my lesson and suddenly it became better.

Nine Witches: Family Disruption

Developer: Indiesruption
Publisher: Blowfish Studios
What it is: A retro point-and-click with additional elements that make it stand out. Control two characters, a professor who can speak with the dead and his assistant.
Thoughts: It’s a quirky adventure that seems to mix in enough to be more than just a point and click game. I grew fond of it and was surprised when I was shooting a gun and killing someone. I like the humor in it a lot.

*In my top 15

OkunoKA Madness

Developer: Caracal Games
Publisher: Ignition Publishing
What it is: A fast-paced platformer that demands accuracy that increases in importance the farther you get.
Thoughts: Controls feel good and it does get quite difficult. From just a few levels I can tell there are a lot of different obstacles and new themes to encounter as progression is made. It’s not bad.


Developer: Bit Loom
Publisher: Coatsink
What it is: Play as a duo of dogs in a puzzle-filled adventure. The dogs are linked together and you’ll need to navigate the levels in this awkward form.
Thoughts: Please calm it down on the vibrations! It was instantly annoying. Other than that, this seems like a good little physics game that can get confusing with which side the dog heads are on. Works well with what they’re trying to accomplish. Also, if you play with another person they control one head and you control the other. Let the arguments begin!

Pixel Skater

Developer: Chickopie Games
Publisher: Chickopie Games
What it is: A fast-paced arcade skateboarding game with a combo system for earning points. The graphics are pixelated like the name suggests.
Thoughts: There’s so much on the screen that it’s hard to tell what you can and can’t jump on. The skating is fine and it reminds me a lot of a retro Tony Hawk. I hope some fine-tuning is done on visibility. This could be just the intro level that it’s an issue.


Developer: Purple Tree Studio
Publisher: Zordix Publishing
What it is: A frantic multiplayer party game that also includes a solo campaign full of levels and bosses. There is a lot of pride in the art style.
Thoughts: It does feel like it was designed around multiplayer deathmatch, and then a campaign was designed on top of it. That’s fine to me, I would love to see more couch cooperative games get a campaign thrown on so I can enjoy it even when noone is visiting.

Projection: First Light

Developer: Shadowplay Studios
Publisher: Blowfish Studios
What it is: A girl who lives in a mythological shadow puppet world on a journey of self-enlightenment. Create shadows from a movable light cursor to help you reach your destination.
Thoughts: It is indeed atmospheric and looks fantastic. It’s really neat seeing the light create shadows that you can jump on. My biggest issue was getting stuck in a spot from which it was impossible to get out of because the shadow would not form below me and the two points were too high. I like this a lot, but getting stuck so early on has me worried about future levels.

*Honorable mention

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Developer: Nodding Heads Games
Publisher: Super.com
What it is: Set in ancient India, Raji has been chosen by the gods to defeat an evil invasion.
Thoughts: This is extremely well done. The look of the environments and the feel of parkour as well as the combat will make this something to look forward to. I loved battling the demons and working my way through the world. I think out of all of the demos, this was my favorite one.

*In my top 15

Road to Guangdong

Developer: Just Add Oil
Publisher: Excalibur Games
What it is: The family restaurant is in peril and you must revive it by traveling on the road to discover secrets from long lost relatives. Take control of the wheel and make important choices.
Thoughts: It was kind of cool at first but I wasn’t sure where to drive to. After hitting a building and not being able to back up, I went ahead and called it a day. Seems like it has potential but the demo wasn’t too helpful to lead me in the right direction.

Rover Wars: Battle for Mars

Developer: Sakari Games
Publisher: Sakari Games
What it is: A strategic MOBA-inspired RTS game where concepts are borrowed from both genres to form a hybrid of the two.
Thoughts: It took me a minute, but I get it. Attacking the enemy while the little bots destroy the enemy base quickly became a realization. The attacking part felt a bit weak but I’m hoping it improves.

Sail Forth

Developer: David Evan’s Games
Publisher: The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
What it is: A procedural sailing journey with naval action and beautiful scenery.
Thoughts: Seems like a nice little world to sail around in. A very calming and relaxing experience with what appears to be a lot of options. Seems like a solid one. The demo could have given a little more guidance. I felt like I missed something.


Developer: Flying Oak Games & e-Studio
Publisher: Dear Villagers
What it is: A rogue-lite platformer where you control the deadliest warrior of a clan. Slash through ancient machines that guard the seal to your past.
Thoughts: The way you hover while attacking makes for some awesome combos. Being able to get from one enemy to the next in mid-air without touching the ground is a natural feeling. The rooms all kind of looked the same, so it was a bit difficult to figure out where I was without the map up.

Seasons of the Samurai

Developer: TopView Studio
Publisher: TopView Studio
What it is: Set in Japan, you must lead a samurai through puzzling levels. Control the seasons to manipulate the configuration of each level to navigate to the exit.
Thoughts: After passing a few levels, a piano fell on my head because I was making too many moves. It’s a neat little game and I think it could be a fun playthrough. This is one of the cool puzzle games releasing.


Developer: Glass Bottom Games & Plastic Fern Studios
Publisher: Glass Bottom Games
What it is: Skateboarding with a twist: you are a bird. The environment can be skated on, and it’s not the usual rails and half-pipes. Grind on straws or even kick-flip over staplers. Pique the interest of other birds and start a skatebird phenomenon.
Thoughts: The camera angle is almost below the actual board. It’s extremely hard to see what you’re doing and moments of fun are quickly washed away with a bad view.


Developer: Studio Nisse LLC
Publisher: Studio Nisse LLC
What it is: Sky Pirates have taken over the skies. They have bounties on your head and you must destroy them to make money.
Thoughts: I love the concept of hunting down people in a plane. However, the perspective is extremely difficult to grasp. You fly around on what appears to be a small planet. I often ran into things and it just seemed like an endless “find a ship and destroy it randomly”.


Developer: DynF/X Digital LLC
Publisher: DynF/X Digital LLC
What it is: It’s like Asteroids but in HD and actual enemies everywhere. You can upgrade your ship and wreak havoc on your foes.
Thoughts: Controlling the ship felt nice, but shooting rocks for a while got boring. The ships that attacked me didn’t even look like ships and I thought I was shooting at crates. I’m sure it gets better but I don’t think the demo painted a solid picture of what’s to come.

Space Otter Charlie

Developer: Wayward Distractions
Publisher: The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
What it is: A puzzle platformer in space! Control an otter in zero gravity while moving around with a jetpack.
Thoughts: Seems really solid. The look of it is appealing and the controls felt pretty smooth, even in zero gravity. Seems like it has a lot to offer as far as fully completing missions.

Swim Out

Developer: Lozange Lab
Publisher: Lozange Lab
What it is: A strategic turn-based puzzle game that puts you in a pool. Avoid other swimmers and obstacles to reach the ladder to escape.
Thoughts: Well, we can admit that the theme is quite unique. I like that part a lot. The puzzles got difficult fast, and I can only imagine what the later levels look like.


Developer: Decoy Games LLC
Publisher: Decoy Games LLC
What it is: Multiplayer underwater shooter that will support both online and local play. There’s even an adventure mode that you can play.
Thoughts: I saw this last year at PAX and it seemed okay. The demo shows they have made some good improvements and it’s visually very pleasant. Out of all the “couch co-op” games I’ve played through demos, I think this is my favorite. You can play against bots!

Tesla Force

Developer: 10tons Ltd.
Publisher: 10tons Ltd.
What it is: Rogue-lite shooter with randomly generated levels of nonstop action. You can even get inside a mech! Both Nikola Tesla and H.P. Lovecraft are playable characters, as well as two others.
Thoughts: I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a sucker for both Lovecraft and Tesla themed games. Something about the science and horror they brought has inspired countless forms of media. It didn’t blow me away, but I still loved the themes.

*Honorable mention

The Ambassador: Fractures Timelines

Developer: tinyDino Games
Publisher: The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
What it is: A twin-stick shooter centered around the ability to freeze time around you. Manipulate the environment as well as enemies to find out who is responsible for destroying your city.
Thoughts: Stopping time seemed to be utilized in a good way. I wasn’t a fan of how things looked on screen but that is easy to overlook with a good campaign and interesting story. Seemed to be a pretty good pace for the demo.

The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav

Developer: Daedalic Entertainment
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
What it is: The Dark Eye is one of Europe’s best-known role-playing brands. This series is a point-and-click adventure game.
Thoughts: There have been a lot of this genre popping up over the years, I’m a fan of a select few but this one was a little boring to me. I guess if I had the full version I could go deeper into the story, but it’s not bad. The artwork looks phenominal.

The Dark Eye: Memoria

Developer: Daedalic Entertainment
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
What it is: Point-and-click with magic skills. You control two different characters and explore various time periods.
Thoughts: Two Dark Eye games? If you like this type of game then you’re in for a treat. It’s basically another version of the same thing (the demo above).

The Last Cube

Developer: Improx Games
Publisher: Improx Games
What it is: A puzzle game in which you control a cube. Use powerups placed on tiles to jump and dash your way through the level.
Thoughts: I love the idea of powering up the cube with various panels to solve puzzles. It’s all about rotating the right way in order to get to the tile placement correctly. To top it off, the colors are a nice touch.

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown

Developer: Falling Squirrel Inc.
Publisher: Falling Squirrel Inc.
What it is: You play as a blind character, so as that character you cannot see. Even as the player, everything is dark. You must listen to the sounds around you to survive.
Thoughts: I didn’t pay attention at first and just loaded the game. I thought it froze and so I restarted it. Finally, I figured out why it was like that. I turned the volume way up; I originally had it very low which is why I didn’t get what was going on. Someone who is actually blind could play this game, which I think is awesome. It’s a great concept. While it won’t win any awards for graphics (there are none), it could for sound! You may need to have a good sound system or headphones in order to attack what’s around you. It’s one of the most unique things I’ve played in a while.

*Honorable mention

Tribble Troubles

Developer: Tribble Games LLC
Publisher: Scary Robot Productions Inc. and Tribble Toys, LLC
What it is: Play as a Tribble from the Star Trek universe. A platformer in which you can stick to walls.
Thoughts: I might be on blast, but I don’t know what this creature is. I’ve only seen a few of the movies. Gameplay-wise I was a bit disappointed in how it felt trying to stick to walls. I didn’t play more than around 10 minutes so I couldn’t tell you if it gets better.


Developer: GrosChevaux
Publisher: GrosChevaux
What it is: Competitive couch party game for 2 to 4 players. Features different environments and the goal is always to beat up your opponent.
Thoughts: I couldn’t play due to only being one player; however, I was able to jump around and punch robots in the beginning. It’s pretty bloody and violent, but I have to pass on it if there are no bots.


Developer: Not Yet
Publisher: Not Yet
What it is: Action platformer in which you control a demon stuck inside of a ball. You will be using this form to roll around avoiding traps and escaping enemies.
Thoughts: It is a good looking game but I feel in the demo there are some awkward spaces to try to get the ball moved to. It’s as if I was much farther in the game than I should have been, having not mastered the controls but felt like the areas I played expected I had.

Welcome to Elk

Developer: Triple Topping
Publisher: Triple Topping
What it is: Based on various true stories, control different characters and hear the tales on an island in which they coexist.
Thoughts: There’s a lot of talking. If you like a calm look into the lives of fictional characters telling real stories, you may want to give it a try. If something like this bores you, our plane leaves in the morning. From what I saw, the drawing is excellent, and it seems like a lot of work went into the town.


Developer: Bitmap Galaxy
Publisher: Blowfish Studios
What it is: A 2D action platformer with elements of time travel. The world is trapped in a neverending night (think Groundhog Day) and your goal is to save your family.
Thoughts: I played for a while and realized I just couldn’t attack anything. Often times I would go in the completely wrong direction as well, backtracking far and then deciding just to quit. It’s good for what it is, but I feel it lacks a little direction in the demo.

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