Playdead’s silhouetted puzzle-platformer has been given only one destination in it’s production afterlife following a mistake that was made when 2010 IGF Finalist, Limbo, was rated by the ESRB for XBLA, PSN, and PC this week. While previously announced for a summer Live Arcade release, the addition of two other platforms was a bit of a surprise to some, including the staff at Joystiq.

When contacted by Joystiq staff Playdead’s Dino Patti responded by shooting down the newly announced platforms. “You won’t see a PS3 or PC version this time around, sorry,” states Patti. He confirms that his team’s gorgeous looking title will only be released on XBLA. No specific date for Limbo has been announced quite yet, but expect it to hit around the much coveted Summer of Arcade time-frame.

Source: Joystiq