As we go through September, it’s that time again for another sales analysis for the month of August and we saw the Summer of Arcade finish up with its last two titles. First up, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet didn’t do as well as we hoped with only 27,226 players in the first week and 48,389 for the month. It’s disappointing when a game we love doesn’t sell as much but hopefully more people will flock to it later on. Despite being a Kinect only title, Fruit Ninja Kinect ended up being one of the best selling XBLA games in August with 77,236 players in the first week and 148,509 for the month.

But the biggest selling Summer of Arcade title this year was Toy Soldiers: Cold War with a whopping 116,150 players in the first week and 160,734 rounding out the month. The strange thing is the first game sold better than the second during the 2010 Block Party promotion. Rounding out the rest of the month was Hole in the Wall which managed to get 3,567 players and while there was 13,000 players on the leaderboards for Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, it’s likely to have sold more. Some important milestones happened this month as well with Bastion 150,000 copies in 6 weeks, Iron Brigade (formerly Trenched) hit 100,000 players and Ms. Splosion Man got up to 50,000. Not a bad ending to the Summer of Arcade next year and with September almost halfway-through, we’re left wondering what will do the best.

Source: Gamasutra