Those following the progress of Windows 8 or indeed to progress of any Microsoft products know that Xbox Live integration is something they take very seriously. We’ve already seen it integrated into Windows Phone 7 devices, and we know that it’ll be a large part of Windows 8. But what are we to think of the hidden Xbox 360 references in the in-development Win8 kernel?

Does this mean we can remotely control our consoles? Will Win8 feature more than just Xbox Live integration, but rather have the ability to play Xbox 360 games themselves? Nobody knows at this point, but with the recent move of Games for Windows information to it’s entirely possible that they’re planning on phasing out Games for Windows entirely, opting instead for native play of 360 games on your PC. It’s totally possible, but again it’s all just rumors buzzing around the internet. Maybe we’ll hear more when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer delivers the CES keynote in January. Until then don’t plan on spending major cash upgrading your PC.

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