Xbox 360

Although details of next-gen hardware are expected in the near future, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 shows no signs of slowing down just yet. The company has announced that, according to the latest NPD figures, 281,000 Xbox 360s sold in January 2013. This result cements Xbox 360’s 25th consecutive month as the number-one console in the United States.

This latest figure even bests the console’s performance from the same time last year. On February 10 last year, CVG reported 270,000 Xbox 360 sales for the month of January 2012. Additionally, Joystiq reports that the console’s lifetime performance has reached 76 million Xbox 360s and 24 million Kinect units purchased worldwide to date. According to Microsoft, Xbox Live has also experienced a 15% year-over-year subscriber increase, with a current total of 46 million users of its paid Gold and free Silver accounts.

Source: Microsoft via Joystiq