In less than a week, the biggest event this side of winter for Xbox Live Indie Games will begin, delivering ten delicious titles over a period of ten devilishly delightful days. We’ve known the first eight games for a while, but the final two were left up to a fan vote over on the Summer Uprising Facebook page. Well, the fans have spoken, and Chester and Redd: The Lost Temple have emerged victorious.

Developer Brilliant Blue-G’s Chester is an old-school platformer spanning 50 levels and featuring a hand-drawn art style. In an interesting twist, users will be able to change the game to 8-bit, sketch, and a number of other unlockable art styles. There will also be 10 unique unlockable characters.

Blazing Forge Games’s Redd: The Lost Temple is a top-down action/adventure game featuring a “huge dungeon full of sinister traps, time based puzzles, and massive stone creatures,” according to the developer’s game description. The gameplay video shows the main character Redd navigating through the dungeon with a torch and using different abilities to work through a variety of different challenges.

Both of these games should be a welcome addition to the Summer Uprising, which begins on August 22. Head over to the Summer Uprising website for more details on all of the games, and check out the complete release schedule after the break!

XBLIG Summer Uprising Schedule:

  • Mon Aug 22nd Raventhorne (240 MS Points)
  • Tues Aug 23rd Battle High: San Bruno (80 Points)
  • Wed Aug 24th Cute Things Dying Violently (80 Points)                 
  • Thurs Aug 25th T.E.C. 3001  (240 Points)                                          
  • Fri Aug 26th Doom and Destiny (240 Points)
  • Mon Aug 29th Take Arms (240 Points)
  • Tues Aug 30th SpeedRunner HD (240 Points)
  • Wed Aug 31stTrain Frontier Express (240 Points)
  • Thurs Sept 1st Chester (240 Points)
  • Fri Sept 2nd Redd: The Lost Temple (240 Points)