Alot of news came out of GDC this week so it’s a slightly longer show as the guys try to hit some of the bigger stories and announcements. Double Fine revealed their next XBLA game and the guys are pretty excited by the prospect, 5th Cell finally showed off Hybrid and it has peaked some interest and the guys talk about some other trailers and sneak peeks that came out of GDC.

Beyond Good & Evil was the XBLA release last week, all three of our hosts tried it and have varying things to say about their time with the game.

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Hosted by:

John Laster (@cain141)

Tyler Cameron (@tylertr0n)

Andrew Crews (@twixprintmatic)

Produced & edited by:

Ross Adams (@randomlyrossy)

Featured music:

Simon Viklund – BCR Menu Theme (Bionic Commando: Rearmed)

Christophe Heral – Fun & Mini-games (Beyond Good & Evil)


Double Fine reveals Trenched

Hybrid redefining multiplayer in new trailer


The Fancy Pants adventures trailer

Magicka hopefully receiving console port soon

Battle: LA announced

Red Faction: Battlegrounds release date