This week on XBLA Wednesday the marketplace has a lot of variety. In Stacking (1200MP) from Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions you take control of Russian stacking dolls, also known as Matryoshka dolls, in this delightful adventure puzzler. TNT Racers (800MP) shifts to top down view in this simple arcade racer boasting a wide variety of cars, modes, maps and powerups as well as online and on-couch multiplayer. On the DLC front there’s an extra stage for Castlevania Harmony of Despair titled “The Legend of Fuma” (240MP), a retro throwback to Getsu Fuma Den, and a character pack to match it (160MP). Three completely different XBLA experiences, all in one day!

As is standard for Double Fine Productions, Stacking is a game unlike any other. Players don the role of Charlie Blackmore of the Blackmore Chimney Sweep family. One day Charlie’s father gets a promotion and off he goes to make money and end your family’s hardships. Unfortunately, he doesn’t come back, and the Blackmore children are taken as collateral to pay for debts, but Charlie, being so very tiny, doesn’t get taken. Determined to get his family back, Charlie jumps into other stacking dolls, able to use their abilities to his advantage. The stacking mechanic presents a fresh perspective at solving puzzles with plenty of room left over for charm and fun.

TNT Racers, a top-down arcade-style racer, takes a bit of a twist that separates it from its predecessors. In this game, instead of allowing players to be on any part of the track at a time, each player shares the screen and any player that falls off-screen is eliminated. All the cars handle the same, so the competition is in cornering and power-up management. Some modes have players compete to eliminate each other then come back as shadow racers to hinder the remaining players, in others the competition is to score points by performing stunts. There are several different power ups in TNT Racers to spice up gameplay, as well as a wide variety of different looking car chassis and color options.

For Konami fans, Legend of Fuma provides some awesome cameos from an old game titled Getsu Fuma Den. Players of that game will want to check out its representation in Castlevania HD for nostalgia and of course to get even more out of their XBLA Castlevania experience. The DLC is an entire extra stage, so even if Getsu Fuma Den is unfamiliar, players of Castlevania will want in. Not to sell the cameo short, there’s also DLC for the character to go along with the Legend of Fuma extra stage.

That’s it for this XBLA Wednesday! With so many different genres being covered, there’s bound to be something for you to check out today. Also, don’t forget this week’s Deal of the Week to get your hands on some awesome retro-themed XBLA games.