We’ve been doing XBLA Wednesday posts for quite some time (in fact, it was my idea) but originally each post was going to be accompanied by a quick video showing off some of the content released that day. Long story short, we didn’t have the means to accomplish this at the time, and now thanks to cosmic intervention as well as a mild shift in plate tectonics, we proudly present to you the first ever XBLA Wednesday Show! Forgive us the roughness, there was a mix up involving the capture card and a cyber troll while filming, but this should become a weekly thing. With each week, the host-ness level will only increase exponentially! Like with our amazing podcast. As long as there’s something to video-afy, you can bet your buns I’ll be hosting a show in its honor. Perhaps in the future we may even find a way to get the other staff members in on this, but for now, please enjoy the show!

Here’s the original XBLA Wednesday post. Note: In the future we’ll just combine the two.