UPDATE: Video’s here. Right there! Look! Click it! – Todd

As we come to a close on this year’s Summer of Arcade, it seems like we’ve saved the best for last. The final title is Dust: An Elysian Tail from the one man developer of Dean Dodrill also known under Humble Hearts. You play as Dust, a warrior who’s suffered from amnesia, having no recollection of anything other than the name. He’s awakened by a sword named Ahrah and its guardian Fidget to go about the land of Falana, discovering your identity, your fate and why the world is in peril from monsters. It retails for 1200 MSP and we quite enjoy it here if you want to check out our review. Don’t forget to check back later for Todd’s video of him enjoying the furry fandom (as he would) while also demoing the final promotional track for Trials Evolution as well as what sales and specials are going on this week in US and UK regions only.