This week sees two XBLA releases. Firstly Zombie Driver HD is released for 800 MSP, a game which sees players driving over hordes of zombies in a top-down world. This week’s other release is first-person shooter Serious Sam 3: BFE. This one is actually being released in two parts with the main campaign costing 1200 MSP and a separate multiplayer release which also comes with some extra missions for the main campaign for 1200 MSP. Finally The Curse of the Zombiesaurus add-on for A World of Keflings is also released today for 320 MSP.

Whilst there were no XBLA games in this week’s Deal of the Week offerings, there are still a few sales to be aware of. A Kinect special sale sees Wreckateer dropping down to half price at 400 MSP and a THQ publisher sale brings further XBLA offers:

Kinect Central
Wreckateer – 400 MSP

THQ Sale
Apples to Apples – 200 MSP
Nexuiz – 200 MSP
Voltron – 400 MSP
Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team – 400 MSP

Sales & Specials App
Hydro Thunder Hurricane 600 MSP
Wrecked Revenge 600 MSP
Scrap Metal 600 MSP