Here is a quick reminder of today’s XBLA releases and you will be happy to hear that all 3 of today’s XBLA games are priced at a mere 800 MSP each. First we have 2D platformer The War of the Worlds featuring the dulcet tones of Patrick Stewart, up next is retro Nascar racer Daytona USA and finally twin-stick sequel Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone. There is also a bunch of DLC for you to enjoy, the Evil Empire Pack for Toy Soldiers: Cold War for 240 MSP, the alien themed DLC pack for A World of Keflings called It Came From Outer Space for 320 MSP and the Paranormal table for Pinball FX 2 will be free, (yes FREE!) to download for one whole week and then the table is yours to keep, no strings attached. After which the Paranormal Table will be priced at 240 MSP.

And finally, Deal of the Week sees both Dead Rising spin off games Case West and Case Zero reduced half price down to 400 MSP and 200 MSP respectively. Happy gaming!