Do you like warping into people’s bodies or do you like going on a pinball adventure? XBLA Wednesday has solutions for both of those answers. First up is our introduction to the 2012 House Party with Warp. You’ll play as Zero, an alien who must escape the lab’s puzzles and scientists by warping through rooms and warping inside scientists to take them out, that’ll set you back 800 MSP. Next, we have a new table for Pinball FX 2 entitled Epic Quest. The new table adds experience and leveling up systems to a pinball game and it’s only 240 MSP.

Rounding out some DLC, we got a new zombie level pack for Choplifter HD for 80 MSP. Lastly, Rhythm Party has three song packs with one being free and two of them at 240 MSP a piece. If warping, pinball, dancing, and zombies is your thing, XBLA Wednesday has got something for you.