Early this morning, Microsoft Games Studios announced five new Japanese partnerships during its Tokyo Game Show 2010 keynote. These partnerships are reported to “provide fun for users throughout the world”. The General Manager (GM) of Xbox in Japan Takashi Sensui claims the partnerships will “define the future of Xbox 360 and Kinect”. A future which includes Xbox Live Arcade games which uses the features of the Kinect. Takashi Sensui also noted that the Xbox platform is “Celebrating Japanese game creators”, and that the 360 will have its “biggest year ever.”

Out of the five XBLA-exclusive games, three will use the features of the Kinect. The first, Haunt, is a spooky game from Parappa the Rappa‘s Masaya Matsuura. Next is Codename D from Grasshopper Manufacture’s Suda 51. Finally, the third game is Yukio Fatatsugi’s Project Draco, a Panzer Dragoon-esque flight game. The three games will join the third-party Kinect games Child of Eden, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, and Rise of the Nightmares next year in 2011.

Hit the jump for more details, screenshots, and videos from these upcoming 3 new Kinect-enabled games:

The first of these five partnerships is the game “Fire Pro Wrestling”. Players will wrestle against each other with their Avatars. Now, the question is, if you make a really big Avatar, will you have the advantage over (let’s say) a shorter Avatar?

“Customize your avatar wrestler, choosing from a wide selection of costumes, before you step into the arena and run wild. Unlock new moves as you advance your wrestling career. Face off against family and friends in offline and online competitive play modes, including single match and tag teams.


The next is extremely creepy game Haunt. From the Japanese creator Masaya Matsuura (Parappa the Rapper), this game will feature a hands-free experience in a cartoony- haunted house. Players will control a flashlight and “dodge traps and outwit ghosts, ghouls and frights that lurk with glee around each and every corner.”


Next up is Grounding Inc.’s Project Draco. The new Kinect games feature puppies, kittens, and other cute animals, but not Project Draco. This game is about dragons. That’s right, dragons. Unfortunately, not many details has been released yet about the game, but there is a trailer that was shown at the Tokyo Game Show.