We at XBLA Fans are incredibly excited about the state of indie games on the Xbox One moving forward into 2015. In the next two weeks you’ll see an article from us highlighting some of the fantastic games we are anticipating. In the meantime, though, we highly suggest looking at some of the great games that released in 2014. We posted our Game of the Year awards yesterday. In honor of those games, we have a week full of streaming for you over on our Twitch channel. Make sure to give us a follow (or subscribe if you are feeling super generous).

The Twitch Schedule for the week is as follows (subject to change in an emergency):

The Thomas Was Alone Giveaway Stream: We have a handful of codes to giveaway for Thomas was Alone. Join Cain141 as we play through the game again searching for those last few pesky achievements.
7 PM EST – 8:30 PM EST Tuesday, 1/13/15

The Super Time Force Giveaway Stream: Join Intelektgaming as he attempts to travel time and save the universe, while I complain that Dan Vader isn’t a playable character. That is one of the developer’s names. No seriously, it is awesome. Capybara Games has offered to provide some giveaway codes and a few members from the team might stop by the stream. So make sure to join us Wednesday.
8:45 PM EST-10PM EST Wednesday 1/14/15

The Jackbox Pack Party Giveaway Stream: Join Cain141 for a night of Drawful, Fibbage and Lie Swatter as we showcase the fantastic fact that Twitch viewers can play along with us during the stream without owning the game. We have another handful of codes to give out during the stream.
7 PM EST – 9PM EST Thursday 1/15/15

The Child of Light Stream: Join Cain141 for an epic RPG adventure where he mostly just spends the time flying and looking at pretty colors. We will have cake too (I wish).
1:45 PM EST – 3:30PM EST Friday 1/16/15

The Valiant Hearts Stream: Join Cain141 as he makes the final push to finish Valiant Hearts. An utterly fantastic game that won our GOTY award.
1 PM EST – 3 PM EST Saturday 1/17/15