Joining free to play titles such as AirMech Arena and Happy Wars in making the jump from the Xbox 360 to Xbox One comes Wargaming’s World of Tanks. Fans of the game will be happy to know that progress and content will carry over from the Xbox 360 version. Not only will it feature upgraded graphics for the Xbox One, World of Tanks will feature cross-platform play between the Xbox One and the Xbox 360; a first ever between the two Xbox generations. To add to the fun, a “Proving Grounds” player vs environment (PvE) is being offered to give a brand new experience to the audience.

Gamers can pre-download World of Tanks starting on July 10 in preparation for the title’s launch. A beta weekend will take place on July 11-12th for those that want to sample the Xbox One version early.

Take a look below for an E3 2015 trailer for World of Tanks.