Dollar Dash Prize 2

Thanks to our friends at Kalypso MediaCandygun Games and Reverb Publishing, we have our biggest contest prize ever here at XBLA Fans. As listed above, we are giving out the custom 250GB Dollar Dash Xbox 360 and more! For a higher resolution of the custom console, click here. We were very excited to get a hold of this prize package but we’re not keeping it for ourselves. One lucky site reader will be gaming on this console very soon! All you need to do to enter this contest is answer the following question in the comment section below:

If you could add one weapon, power-up or game mode to Dollar Dash, what would you add and why?

If you haven’t tried out Dollar Dash yet, then click here and give the demo a shot and see if there is something you would like to see added to the game. Anything goes here. If you want a gun that fires dirty laundry, rainbows and kittens at your opponents, then let your voice be heard! There is no wrong answer. Feel free to push your creativity to the max.

And the winner of the prize package is: Professionalbum (@filmngamegeek71). Congratulations! We will be in touch with you soon about shipping your awesome new console bundle!


All you need to do to enter this contest is comment below with your answer to the question listed above. But when you register to comment, make sure to use a legitimate email address that you have access to in case we need to contact you through email. Also, it would really help if you would include your Twitter name as another method of communication. We really prefer Twitter above most ways of communication. So if you are on Twitter, let us know, and we can verify your info that way as well.

As far as eligibility goes, this is a US only contest. Sorry to all our readers overseas, but for shipping purposes, we will need to keep this one here in the States. It’s not all bad, though. We will be giving out copies of Dollar Dash on Twitter over the next week too. So feel free to give us a follow and look out for many chances to win a copy of the game there.

The contest will run for a little more than a week. The official end time and date will be at 2:00PM PST on Friday, March 15. So get your entries in before then! We will announce the winner no later than 2:00PM the following day on Saturday, March 16th. Shortly after that, we will be in touch with you if you are the winner to get your preferred shipping address. The winner will be announced right here on this post and via Twitter if the winner provides their Twitter name with their entry.

And one final note is the disqualification disclaimer. The only way to DQ yourself  is to register and enter multiple times under different aliases. Let’s keep it fair, everybody. If you register and enter with multiple accounts and we catch on to it, you will be disqualified. We do have proper tools that let us know when something sketchy is going on, so please keep it fair. Other than that, good luck and have fun! :)