Calendars out and credit cards at the ready because Major Nelson has published the latest release schedule for the next two weeks on Xbox Live Marketplace. We thought we’d issue you a quick run down of all the upcoming XBLA games and offers you have to look forward to. Starting with Burnout Crash and Rotastic which are both released today September 21, both for 800 MSP. Be sure to check out our review for Burnout Crash here. Next week we have Mercury Hg for a mere 400 MSP and MLB Bobblehead Baseball Battle for 800 MSP both releasing on September 28.

As for Deal of the Week you’ll be happy to hear that this week’s and next week’s deals are focussing on XBLA games. From September 20 to 26, gold members can enjoy 50% of selected XBLA puzzle games:

Gyromancer – 600 MSP
Portal : Still Alive – 600 MSP
Bejewelled Blitz LIVE – 200 MSP
Ilomilo – 400 MSP.

The following week, September 27 – October 3, will see 33% off XBLA games with a Sword & Sorcery theme:

Might & Magic Clash of Heroes – 800 MSP
Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale800 MSP

Happy shopping folks and be sure to check back for more reviews of the upcoming releases.

Source: Major Nelson